153 lbs in 365 days (pics)



  • emmymcq
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    Wow, this is an amazing story! I am so inspired by you! :)
  • Great Job Man. Keep up the good work. I am very proud of your discipline and determination. That's invaluable!
  • dkoroschetz
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    Thank you for sharing!! Truly inspirational!!
  • NutellaAddict
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    HOLY SMOKES...great story..
  • honib6
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    That is incredible! Very inspiring! I recently just set a goal for myself to run a 5k. I think I am also wearing the wrong kind of shoes. They keep coming off when I workout! Time to get fitted!
  • ajfc1971
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    That is amazing. Wowee
  • lgreen37
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    Awesome!!!!!!!!! You look amazing!!!!
  • Rays_Wife
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    ::slow clap::


    YOU, SIR - ROCK MFP WORLD!!!! Best success story ever! And your advice is dead on! Both you and your wife have kicked some serious butt. Keep on being AWESOME!!!! :drinker:
  • Judas_Queen
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    WOW. That, I think is all I need to say on the matter.

    Except that... WOW.

    Inspirational, Thank you for sharing.
  • Great Job. Do you have any suggestions or meal plans you used. I am in my first week and lost 5 lbs. But need some dinner suggestions...thx :smile:
  • Riemersma4
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    <with a humble bow>

    Truly a great story of just gettin' er done for a year.

    Thank you very much for posting.
  • TJ_Rugger
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    DAMN! Good Job! Keep up the good work and enjoy that new fit healthy bearded lifestyle!
  • lazyspice
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    Enjoy that beer, you deserve it! Well done! th_thumbsup.gif
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    You look amazing!
  • jaebennetti
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    You have inspired me. Thank you.
  • MorganLeighRN
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    Awesome job!!! Loved the post!
  • Effing SPOT ON man!! Great job!!
  • high5girl
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    Wow, wtg! You look awesome!!!
  • Port47
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    WOW...WHAT A GREAT INSPIRATIONAL STORY....GIVEN ME HOPE...:flowerforyou: :drinker: