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153 lbs in 365 days (pics)



  • TropiKalSTORMTropiKalSTORM Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
    Great Story and Pics... Keep up the good work...
  • chubiDchubiD Posts: 260Member Posts: 260Member
    wow. Just WOW.
  • curvysunshinecurvysunshine Posts: 38Member Member Posts: 38Member Member
    This is one of the best stories I've ever seen on here. I love that you're not afraid to say I was fat and I was HAPPY. That's how I am too. I'm still at 208 and I'm fat, yeah, but I don't spend all day hating myself and sobbing over how disgusting I'm expected to feel about my body. Screw that noise. I'm getting fitter for myself and for the hell of it, not because being fat is this horrible state where you can't be happy or enjoy yourself.
  • holliwood97holliwood97 Posts: 144Member Posts: 144Member
    WOW very inspiring!!!
  • ChristyRunStarrChristyRunStarr Posts: 1,668Member Member Posts: 1,668Member Member
    Holy crap, you look amazing! You've come so far, thank you for sharing your story with us!
  • JsnugglesJsnuggles Posts: 33Member Posts: 33Member
    You should really think about writing a book. Your story is fantastic, and your writing style super entertaining but poignant. So inspired!
  • geekmomof3geekmomof3 Posts: 18Member Member Posts: 18Member Member
  • MyPsalm63MyPsalm63 Posts: 303Member Posts: 303Member
    Awesome job!!!!!!
  • adm603adm603 Posts: 48Member Posts: 48Member
    Your story itself is amazing and the way you tell it is even better. I am printing this out to keep inspiring myself. You look awesome and I congratulate you on your accomplishments. Keep living the dream !!!
  • trogalicioustrogalicious Posts: 4,594Member Member Posts: 4,594Member Member
    I've never really considered myself to be a big deal. Still don't... but I will say that you guys are making me feel pretty freaking special.
  • 14uqueen14uqueen Posts: 78Member Member Posts: 78Member Member
    You look great!
  • P05T5CRIPTP05T5CRIPT Posts: 292Member Member Posts: 292Member Member
    One of the best success stories I've read on here....not only because you dropped a tonne of weight and look amazing but because you were real and honest about the whole thing. You look fantastic, and so does your beard! :drinker:
  • kmd613kmd613 Posts: 42Member Posts: 42Member
    That is an amazing transformation in just one year. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story!
  • angdpowersangdpowers Posts: 313Member Member Posts: 313Member Member
    Trust the people here that don't coddle or baby you. They've been down the road and know what they're talking about. There are a great many people who have given incredible advice, but can't post here any longer because some special snowflake got offended by their posts.

    I LOOOOVED ready your story ... the way your LIVING! Ty for taking the time to write everything and with pictures -- incredilbe transformation!!!

    And I giggled at the "some special snowflake" bit ... so true ... so funny! Ppl are just too damn sensitive and often times its because its the truth, or at least some truth, and sometimes its just hard to hear it!

    Very inspirational today!!
  • girlinahatgirlinahat Posts: 2,966Member Member Posts: 2,966Member Member
    well done and looking great except......

    bring back the curly moustache!!!!!
  • flyingwriteflyingwrite Posts: 264Member Posts: 264Member
    What an awesome job! Congraulations!! You are an inspiration!
  • heymirthheymirth Posts: 448Member Posts: 448Member
    Great Transformation. I want to hit 180 and be a 5k junkie.
  • Mommy4812Mommy4812 Posts: 738Member Posts: 738Member
    Wow, you have done amazing and what a great story!
  • optionalsourcewinsoptionalsourcewins Posts: 459Member, Premium Member Posts: 459Member, Premium Member
    W-O-W!! What an awesome success story. Congratulations!!!
  • trogalicioustrogalicious Posts: 4,594Member Member Posts: 4,594Member Member
    well done and looking great except......

    bring back the curly moustache!!!!!

    It's just in sleep mode right now. It's still there. I'll activate the awesome after work today. :drinker:
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