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Anyone lose 100+ pounds WITHOUT surgery?



  • Kakalina2Kakalina2 Posts: 26Member Member Posts: 26Member Member
    I have, yes. It has been about 14 months now and I have slowed way down on the weight loss. Although my profile seems to be off by a few pounds I show I have lost 112 pounds.

    I was a size 28 ( 3x ) when I started 4-1-12. The jeans I just bought are a size 10. I feel amazing. I changed my lifestyle. No diets here, just a change to good healthy eating.

    Three times a week at the gym. In warm weather swimming the other three days. When I first started at the gym I could barely do anything. Now I start with 30 min. hills on the treadmill, followed by weight and strength training! I also quit smoking in Sept.

    Life is good. We are celebrating our new healthy lifestyle by taking a cruise to Hawaii for the holidays. Yay! I got to by all kinds of cool cruise and formal wear.
  • amayituxamayitux Posts: 68Member Member Posts: 68Member Member
  • emmabakercookeemmabakercooke Posts: 37Member Posts: 37Member
    I've lost 98lbs to date, and I've managed to (mostly) keep it off, inspite of becoming disabled in the interveening period. I have been offered surgery lots of times, but I'm determined to do it without! I still need to lose around 100lbs again, but it's heading in the right direction.
  • dogo187dogo187 Posts: 376Member Posts: 376Member
    Yes, its very possible to lose over 100lbs without surgery...

    Starting weight was 315lbs and my weight before my skin removal surgery last week was 159lbs (I am 5ft8in)...

    Its not easy, it sucks a lot of the time and old habits die hard.

    But if you want it then you can make it happen with planning and work, I mean real work!

    Some people say it took me too long to lose the weight, since I did it with a lifestyle change, no crash dieting, no crazy pills, wraps or potions (though I do recommend that you find an quality, natural protein shake loaded with vitamins)...

    Hoping that once I recover from surgery the 8lbs of skin that was removed will show and Ill be able to maintain in the low 150's...

    Good Luck!
  • marcietracymarcietracy Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Another one here. It can definitely be done! :flowerforyou:


  • mgorham13mgorham13 Posts: 169Member Member Posts: 169Member Member
    14lbs to go for 100
  • hol_lou85hol_lou85 Posts: 46Member Member Posts: 46Member Member
    over 100lbs lost, without surgery, simply on portion control and exercise :-)
  • NewMnky1NewMnky1 Posts: 264Member Posts: 264Member
    That would be me (it's crazy that I can even say that)
  • GiveMeCoffeeGiveMeCoffee Posts: 3,620Member Member Posts: 3,620Member Member
    Almost there! another 4 lbs to go to reach that milestone! But I have no doubt I'll reach that and many more of my goals! No surgery, and ice cream almost every night :drinker:
  • Mischievous_RascalMischievous_Rascal Posts: 1,836Member Member Posts: 1,836Member Member
    I did. It wasn't easy, but it's awesome!!!
  • Phaedra2014Phaedra2014 Posts: 1,254Member Member Posts: 1,254Member Member
    Yes. 118 pounds lost so far, another 22 to conquer.
  • teemama2teemama2 Posts: 87Member Member Posts: 87Member Member
    I am at 99.4 and no surgeries :D
  • GoreWhore72GoreWhore72 Posts: 197Member Member Posts: 197Member Member
    WOW!~!!!! Amazing!!! My goal is 100 lbs, and I have lost 41 as of today, and another 59 to go. I've lost over 20 inches. Start weight 269.
  • keeponkickinkeeponkickin Posts: 1,535Member Member Posts: 1,535Member Member
    Me! I lost 100 pounds in 9 months and 110 at one year. NO surgery, no starving myself, no fad diets. Just ate less and moved more. Pictures are in my profile.
  • br1twaslykebr1twaslyke Posts: 41Member Member Posts: 41Member Member
    All of you guys are absolutely incredible! hope I am able to add to this post in a couple of months, looking to lose 100 pounds also!
  • cloverforkcloverfork Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
    if you dont mind me asking what all did you do to lose the 100 in 10 months i have over a 100 to go but i would love to know how you done it:smile:
  • amaysngraceamaysngrace Posts: 742Member Member Posts: 742Member Member
    Yeah, just about.
  • RockingGrannyRockingGranny Posts: 64Member Member Posts: 64Member Member
    Way to go, to all of you in the 100+ club!! To the rest of us, we will get there too. The key for me is eat less and move more.
  • ShautzeeShautzee Posts: 22Member Member Posts: 22Member Member
    268 lbs to 142 lbs. Started simple- more energy out than I put in- move lots. I lost most of the weight the first year but then to maintain a healthy lifestyle I gradually, over the span of about 2 years, transitioned the way I eat. I have grown to love eating healthy, mostly plant based, non processed food with the occasional chocolate chip cookie or reeses peanut butter cup. I feel fabulous. At 47, I feel younger than I did all of my 30's!
  • Sunshine2plus2Sunshine2plus2 Posts: 1,494Member Member Posts: 1,494Member Member
    I did and no surgery for me!!

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