Guess who's finally in "Onederland"?.....THIS girl! (Pics)



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    Great job...and LET'S GO PENS!!!
  • sjklaus
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    Fantastic job!
  • kharper85
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    WAY TO GO!!!!!!
  • hockeyfan87
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    Thank you all :)
    And thanks, I like it too :D
  • This gives me the motivation I desperately needed today, you look AMAZING! Keep up the great work!! :flowerforyou:
  • thatjulesgirl
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    SO freakin stoked for you!!!!!

    I have similar starting stats to you and (I think) am a similar age so your post has just been a huuuuuge inspiration. I can't wait till I get to Onederland - AMAZING milestone!!

    Thank you so much for sharing and HUUUUUUUGE props!! :flowerforyou:
  • divaford140
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    BIG TIME CONGRATS! I'm striving to cross over to onderland soon!!!! You're an inspiration!!!!
  • taylorckt1
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    This was posted right on time...I am 15 lbs from Onderland and am soooo excited...haven't seen 1 anything since I was in high school....Congrats on your accomplishments and thanks for sharing!
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    Amazing work!! You look fantastic!
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    Fantastic Girlfriend!!
  • hockeyfan87
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    Thank you all so much :) Glad I could inspire someone :)
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    Beautiful transformation! congratulations. :flowerforyou:
  • Oh my goodness! First-Congratulations!!!! You look AMAZING!! Second, thank you for sharing this!! Your story and pics just gave me a huge boost of motivation! I look forward to see where I am in a week, a month, a year from now!!
  • hockeyfan87
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    Thank you :)
    And thank you so much :D I'm approaching my 1 year anniversary of my weight loss journey on Monday :) It's crazy what can be accomplished in a year :) Good luck to you :)
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    So amazing! You should be so proud of yourself :) I love your tats too!
  • Wow this is so awesome and inspiring I started out at 266 and have lost 14 pounds since Jan 2013 so I can see that someone else has actually done it makes me moew determined to do it too. Thanks
  • Wow you look awesome great job!
  • hockeyfan87
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    Thank you all :)
    And congrats @denisetatum on your weight loss so far :)
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    Great job! You look awesome!
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    Awesome work. Doing great! You look so fabulous! Motivates me even more, thanks for sharing.