What's your favorite workout?



  • hottiebikerchick
    hottiebikerchick Posts: 188 Member
    Mine is putting on my IPOD and just GOOOOO....
  • I love sit ups and push ups. They're not overly complicated, you can do them pretty much anywhere, but they still make a huge difference!
    If you want to get out into the sunshine some more, my friend runs a lot in the woods near to where we live, and he swims constantly - it's really worked for him! xx
  • cjbester
    cjbester Posts: 17 Member
    The elliptical machine burns a Lot of calories and if you use it regularly, you will see the results and feel better too.
  • 57silverfox
    57silverfox Posts: 56 Member
    riding bike burns lot of cal also low impact
  • RealWomenLovePitbulls
    RealWomenLovePitbulls Posts: 729 Member
    love the elliptical!
  • JLD81
    JLD81 Posts: 133 Member
    I personally really like my home videos and adding things lIke weights at the gym and ballet classes. I like to do a variety of workouts because my goal is to both lose fat and gain muscle but also to increase flexibility. I love core rhythms (u can find it on YouTube) for cardio and core strengthening, NYC ballet workouts for flexibility and toning, butt bible for targeting, and Jillian Michaels just because I'm a little crazy lol. I would love to try the Brazil butt lift but not for the price. I think what's most important is finding things u like and keeping variety. I even have a 2 mile American heart association power walk video for my "blah" days so I get something in.
  • reggie2run
    reggie2run Posts: 477 Member

  • I will rep Zumba for the rest of ever. :)
  • gombolyu
    gombolyu Posts: 145
    I love tapout XT, Butt bible, kettlebell and ballet body
  • Jazzercise. Kind of like Zumba but to top 40s music.
  • darrensurrey
    darrensurrey Posts: 3,944 Member
    CQC (close quarter combat) drills mixed practised in an HIIT format. I get to practice CQC plus burn fat a la HIIT.

    Kettlebell work comes next - mixing weight lifting and cardio!

    I'm going to see if I can mix CQC and a bucket and sponge with an HIIT timer so I can practice drills while washing the car and burning fat.
  • campjodie
    campjodie Posts: 16 Member
    I love running. I used to play soccer, but I quit because I didn't like the coach or a lot of the girls on the team. (i'm not into drama) So I started working out an running on my own and I fell in love with it. I think the best thing to do is to signup for a race and have that be your goal. Training for a half marathon can definitely get you in shape.
  • Jugie12
    Jugie12 Posts: 289
    Really, my best results come from weight training. I am a HUGE fan of Oxygen and Muscle Mag publications - Oxy is a fitness mag for women and is loaded with serious workout and nutrition info from the biggest names in the industry. It's not fluff and stuff like "women's health" or "shape." Muscle Mag is the men's version and it is about body building -it's the kind that features Arnold or Branch Warren on the covers. I find tons of great research and routines in these and can even building my own based on moves and tweaks I find in there.

    Recently, I have found t-bar rows, pull downs and behind-the-neck pull downs to be OUTSTANDING in producing results. I did my back routine with these thrown in just a handful of times and already got rid of my bra's strap extender. I'm not saying it's for everyone, but it makes a big difference for me.
  • louisedawn
    louisedawn Posts: 8 Member
    Swimming Laps Breaststroke is my fave has helped me no end as u can c on my loss badge :) along with the balanced eating
  • Molly_Maguire
    Molly_Maguire Posts: 1,103 Member
    Anything that doesn't FEEL like a workout! Rock climbing, hiking, horseplay in the pool, running around with kids, etc.
  • SarahSosi
    SarahSosi Posts: 357
    i love walking and running! they are really a great stress relief
  • keyboardwench
    keyboardwench Posts: 123 Member
    Weight lifting!

    And also I'm a fan of Zumba, pilates, Jillian Michaels videos, HITT, jogging, archery, soccer, hockey, squash, kayaking, and swimming too.
  • gmpuggles
    gmpuggles Posts: 137 Member
    Besides doing my normal strength and cardio workout at the gym, I really enjoy going to Spin classes. They're really good butt kickers.