How much water do you drink?

peachyxoxoxo Posts: 1,178 Member
I have a 20 oz bottle and I try to drink 3-4 bottles worth per day. Then counting coffee, tea or water I drink out a glass, my guess for myself is 80+ oz a day. You?


  • tajmel
    tajmel Posts: 401 Member
    I just switched to a larger bottle so I'm not 100% sure, but my old bottle was 1 L and I drank 5 or more a day... so, at least 170 oz. I live in a desert, it's hot, I'm active... etc.
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 33,694 Member
    Around 120 ozs.
  • munchlaxx
    munchlaxx Posts: 102 Member
    I'm not sure, I just know I drink a lot of it since it's my main beverage. :blushing:
  • Elen_Sia
    Elen_Sia Posts: 638 Member
    More than I actually log because I get lazy and stop counting after 4pm
  • MurphysLawTD
    MurphysLawTD Posts: 310 Member
    67.6. Sounds odd, but usually 2 bottles of 33.8oz smartwater.
  • recoiljpr
    recoiljpr Posts: 292
    On a normal day, over a gallon. On the weekends if I am working outside a lot, over a gallon and a half. And that's water, I don't count coke, tea, etc due to caffeine's diuretic effects. I drink more then most though because I am such a huge sweater when I workout that I have to to keep hydrated.

    I don't bother logging my water because of all things, that's never an issue for me.
  • taureanbuddhist
    taureanbuddhist Posts: 39 Member
    I would say around 70-100oz at work and another 40 oz at home...and I drink around 40 oz during Hot Yoga 2-3 times a 110 to 180 oz depending on the day...I am lazier about it on the weekends tho...
  • amanda_ataraxia
    amanda_ataraxia Posts: 400 Member
    About 120oz of water, 24oz of coffee, and 16oz of flax milk (in smoothies).
  • joecollins9385
    joecollins9385 Posts: 355 Member
    i have a 20oz bottle that i probably fill 10-15 times a day. i also drink protein shakes, and occasionally gatorade
  • esneer1
    esneer1 Posts: 42 Member
    I drink a ton of water. I grab a bottle of water in the morning at work (I dont count my coffee). The bottle is 16.9 oz and I fill it up 9 times. That is 152.1 oz before leaving work at 5 and I usually drink 4+ glasses at home. Wow... I didnt calculate it until now. (No wonder I'm in the bathroom every half hour!)
  • AimersBee
    AimersBee Posts: 775 Member
    90-130 oz a day
  • Mctree20
    Mctree20 Posts: 137
    Around a gallon and a half every day.
  • About 6 bottles a day. I drink water alllllll day and I recycle the bottle and fill back up with the water from the fridge.
  • KuroNyankoSensei
    KuroNyankoSensei Posts: 288 Member
    70 - 80 oz a day ;3.
  • OnionMomma
    OnionMomma Posts: 938 Member
    I drink betweeen 2.5 and 3.5 liters of water a day.
  • arw4
    arw4 Posts: 51 Member
    I usually drink around 80 oz. How do you keep yourself from using the bathroom every five minutes?! I have that problem, so during school I usually feel dehydrated because I have to drink way less.
  • 55tolose
    55tolose Posts: 510 Member
    anywhere from 32oz to 96oz... Im not very good at staying consistant on my water but its way more than I used to drink
  • ChristaFall
    ChristaFall Posts: 72 Member
    I know this sounds a bit weird, but every morning I number my water bottles 1-5. It forces me to drink more water, and I know what bottle I'm on throughout the day..
  • africaa
    africaa Posts: 228
    I have a 48.8 oz (6 cups) I try to hit 4-5 a day..I love water and don't drink juice/soda so it's pretty easy for me
  • Berto0391
    Berto0391 Posts: 273 Member
    15+ cups(8 oz)