I want to lose weight but not from my boobs



  • Woodmangler
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    I would have to have a current picture to make an accurate appraisal of your situation and ....

    .... uhhh

    This ain't gonna work is it? :laugh:

    KIDDING!! :bigsmile:
  • allsetnow
    Ugh. I have lost about 40 pounds in the last 7 months and it seems like A LOT of that came from my boobs. I am thrilled with the way my body looks generally, but not so much with my chest area -- not to be too graphic, but deflated balloons come to mind. I am hoping things perk up with continued exercise, but at my age that's probably not going to happen. Oh well, at least my husband does not like large breasts (at least he says he doesn't) and I can wear certain things without needing a bra....
  • jjelizalde
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    You don't get to pick where the fat comes off and face it, boobs are nothing but fat.
  • starracer23
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    You can't spot reduce, and you can't decide where fat can't leave from.
    Breasts are mostly made of fat....you lose fat....you may lose breasts. Sad but true...
    A lot of it depends on your genes as well.
  • acstansell
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    you may not lose weight in your boobs, but inches in your back which will adjust the type of bras and size you wear. I went from a full cup 44c to a demi 40C.

    It's going to come of where it chooses to. Mine was face first, then upper chest, the a bit in the waist, then some in thighs. My boobs are a little smaller, but mostly that was from lifitng weights, which I need to start doing again.
  • fitnessmanda
    My breasts actually got more shapely and tonned throughout my weightloss and they look better than ever. It depends on what excercises you do. You can build up your breast muscle so that you won't look deflated.
  • morgansmom02
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    Everyone is different! I lost it off my boobs first. Then I changed birth control and it appears most of the inches are back
  • xdieselx
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    It doesnt matter if you lose some fat on your breasts, a lot of men like small breasts anyway. I prefer small breasts over large breasts anyday
  • kittyd7015
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    It doesnt matter if you lose some fat on your breasts, a lot of men like small breasts anyway. I prefer small breasts over large breasts anyday
    i would say ur in the minority from past experience :-) xx
  • predent
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    I wish :( When I gained weight, I went from barely a B to almost a C. I'm currently losing pounds, but not seeing any changes in inches around my waist or hips... how much do I want to bet that it's coming from my boobs...

    The boyfriend kind of offered to get a boob job if I can achieve the fitness level that I am happy with. We'll see though ;)
  • nataliexxxx
    You cant choose where you lose weight from unfortunately
  • Sidesteal
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    There's nothing you can do, but on behalf of all men, I am rooting for you, OP.
  • kcdough
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    Thanks for sharing. LOL , instantly.. I lost mines when I became pregnant. Those things aren't important.. build them up with muscles when you lose them.... there is nothing wrong with looking petitite and full. LOL!! K.
  • bagge72
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    I will definitely put a prayer in for you, because if god can help Tebow win a football game, I'm not sure why he can't do this for the rest of the guys in the world hoping you keep them!
  • Koldnomore
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    To me it seems that I lose the way I gain. I have always been blessed in that department and although I tend to lose a little bit it does not appear to be that much when you consider that the smaller you are everywhere else the bigger you look up front. Mine are bigger now then they have ever been but looked way larger when they were a couple of cups smaller and I was a few inches thinner ;)

    I always said when my tummy was bigger than my boobs I'd lose weight but they just seemed to keep growing with the rest of me LOL
  • vim_n_vigor
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    push up bras or enhancements can fix what you lose....
  • 1SlimShaylee
    victoria's secret!
  • marie_cressman
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    Two words: Breast Implants.

    Seriously, get out there, run, lift, swim, bike, burn off the fat. And if you don't like your decreased cleavage and heft, get implants. Its an easy solution and you will have nothing to be ashamed of. The important thing to focus on: your fitness and health.

    Heck yes! Fake boobies for me when I'm done! LOL I went from a 42DD to a 36 C... and I still have more weight to lose. I will absolutely need a lift and possibly just a little extra to make them look "full". :D
  • HeidiMightyRawr
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    You can't spot reduce unfortunately.

    I have found though that since I have done chest exercises they are more lifted and stand out more. They're not bigger but they look better!
  • mariposa224
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    "All you need is trust and a little bit of pixie dust." -Peter Pan

    (I wish this was a possible!)

    Hahaha Wouldn't that be just awesome???? Mine went down, but so far it's just band size, though I thought differently for a while. lol 36C -> 36B -> 34C lol

    ETA: My man says maybe for Christmas or my birthday (in February) at the latest, if I want to get them "done," we can probably swing it. :tongue: