Transformation Diary (Pics)



  • jon40084
    jon40084 Posts: 175 Member
    Wow - you look amazing - well done.
  • WendyTerry420
    WendyTerry420 Posts: 13,276 Member
    Congratulations! Wonderful pictures! You are beautiful! :flowerforyou:
  • ilovemybuggy
    ilovemybuggy Posts: 1,584 Member
    Great job! You're a very beautiful girl *before and after!* congrats on your success!
  • veerichie
    veerichie Posts: 264 Member
    HUGE Inspiration for me. You are the same height as me and started around the same weight as I did. I need to keep going so I can look as good as you do! Thanks for sharing :)
  • KodAkuraMacKyen
    KodAkuraMacKyen Posts: 750 Member
    You look incredible. Congrats!
  • piya121
    piya121 Posts: 11 Member
    You look like a completely different person. Absolutely gorgeous :))
  • LisaH1967
    LisaH1967 Posts: 332 Member
    You look amazing! Great job!
  • shynell
    shynell Posts: 7 Member
    Great Job.......I am encouraged!
  • mrsimon302
    mrsimon302 Posts: 49 Member
    wow :)
  • kgprice11
    kgprice11 Posts: 750 Member
    Wow you are beautiful and congrats on reaching your goal!!!!!! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :drinker: I will drink to your accomplishments
  • Pedal_Pusher
    Pedal_Pusher Posts: 1,176
    Very impressive. Nicely done!
  • haylz247
    haylz247 Posts: 435
    you look so great. and you're drop dead gorgeous!

    i really hope you're on the mend now :)

    i want to get to 126 but i can't see that happening! haha good luck :):flowerforyou:
  • jwrjewel
    jwrjewel Posts: 4 Member
    Awesome, you go girl!
  • Angie_Fritts
    Angie_Fritts Posts: 263 Member
    I am sorry to hear that you sacrificed you health to get to your goal weight. I wish you much success in getting back to your goal weight eating clean and healthy. You are a beautiful girl at your pre weight and goal weight. And you are on your way to being a RN. That's freaking awesome!!!
  • tlo23
    tlo23 Posts: 68
    Hope things are looking up! You are gorgeous ... inside and out!! :smile:
  • jhigg11
    jhigg11 Posts: 121 Member
    Hey just want to tell you I'm rooting for you. I hope you can achieve the success you want without compromising your health. Being happy in your own skin and living a full life is what this is all about. It's not about a number. Sure we celebrate the achievements but somethings are so much more important. You really are a beautiful girl in all the pictures you posted, but you now need to see a beautiful healthy girl in the mirror everyday.
  • What an AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL transformation, I am so happy for you!
  • lisamarie2181
    lisamarie2181 Posts: 560 Member
    You look amazing, be proud of your accomplishments, you earned them :) good luck on the rest of your journey :)
  • ToxicTinkerbell
    ToxicTinkerbell Posts: 63 Member
    You look really good. Congratulations on your success. Very inspiring!