Halfway to goal! 72lbs lost



  • Girly, You have such a pretty face... I failed to notice anything else..
  • samakain
    samakain Posts: 60
    Congrats!! You look amazing :)
  • bakercj13
    bakercj13 Posts: 26 Member
    Absolutely amazing the job you have done, good for you!

    You also look more confident in your pics!!!
  • You look so amazing! I liked how you had confidence in your first picture even though you were bigger. I think a lot of people think when you're overweight youre shy and lazy. But that has nothing to do with! I have enough confidence and personality for 2 people! Lol great job and good luck :)
  • GeekGirl23
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    Good Job girl! Very encouraging!
  • sweetpickle84
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    Awesome job! You look GREAT! Keep up the good work!
  • 1981simm
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    It's been amazing to be your friend throughout this journey and I love seeing your accomplishments you look great and I know that you're going to look even better!
  • Curvimami
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    70 + pounds!! Amazing!! You look great ! Congrats :flowerforyou:
  • AbbiBridget
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    REALLY WELL DONE, that's a great achievement.. Keep going! You've proved to me that this works.... (only started a few days ago) WOW..
  • You look amazing...I can't believe the transformation in just a few months! Keep up the good work!!! :)
  • kgprice11
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    WOW congrats!! keep it up you are looking good
  • Look at how much you've changed from your before to after photos - just think of how awesome it will be when your current photos become your BEFORE photos! Hot mama!! Great job, keep it up!
  • reneepugh
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    You are looking great!
  • You look great! Thank you for sharing!
  • hayleeannie
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    WOW! you look ten years younger!
  • fitfunk
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    Love the confidence in your first photo, despite your "Before" size. You look amazing! It looks like you are much closer to goal than halfway! You've completely lost your belly and just shrunken right down. This is an amazing achievement!

    How tall are you? Are you following a particular plan or cal level? Look forward to your progress updates - you'll rock this!
  • senyosmom
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    wow! looking great!
  • Zoot_suits
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    Amazing Results!!! You are definitely an inspiration, I'm just starting out and have 70ish to lose :)
  • lisamarie2181
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    Wow! what an amazing difference, you should be so proud of yourself, we all know how much hard work it takes! Keep striving to achieve your goals, you look wonderful!! :)
  • Behavior_Modification
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    Outstanding success, great job! :flowerforyou: