Cardio Does Not Burn Muscle Mass



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    Hey PLATES559, How did you get your Vanity Mirror all the way out there?

    You as well: Anything intelligent to offer to the debate on whether cardio burns muscle mass, or not?
    If you don't have anything intelligent or constructive to say, I suggest you stop posting.

    I was not talking to you so stop ease dropping, man the nerve of some people. But since you're here, what debate? The whole first page was people pointing out that this is common knowledge and you have brought nothing new/interesting/different to the table. If this is the type of thread you are interested in here, let me contribute...ahem...Studies have shown you should stay well hydrated through out theday for a healthier lifestyle, doctors and experts agree to theaverage person consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day. Better?

    Drink water? Total bioscience, dude!
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    Pretty interesting.

    I think Lyle McDonald's response in the comments section was about right though (as well as the link to his own article on the "Marathon Runner v Sprinter" nonsense....)

    ETA: I have to say that Layne Norton's willingness to discuss the context of his article and subsequent clarification was pretty good though...
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    Too much high intensity cardio DOES in fact burn muscle mass. How many long distance runners have you seen that are jacked?


    That's because it's counterproductive to have it so they don't develop it, not because they are cannibalizing themselves.

    You mean that twinge in my hammie isn't the feeling of my muscle being chewed up and spat out by my body... ? I'm so disappointed. I was just coming over all Hannibal-ish.

    Furthermore I don't think that a run once or twice a week is going to hurt your gains

    I've deliberately chosen someone nice and moderate and sensible to quote here. Because this sentence seems to me to capture a key problem in this thread. This, in a nutshell, is why these threads go nowhere. Because we're essentially talking about completely different aims and processes. Long distance runners aren't interested in 'gains'. Their fitness goals are completely different from people whose main interest is in producing a 'jacked' body. It's not about 'hurting gains', or about how the body looks. It's far more about what the body can do. As Carson says above, long distance runners don't build heavy mass because they don't need or want it for distance running. To keep holding up the leaner mass of the distance runner as somehow being evidence of the failing of running seems just a bit silly, really. The body is adapted to its use. This is a good thing.
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    Let's say it like this....

    Cardio burns muscle mass when there is not enough energy in the body (carbs) and all of the ATP stores have been depleted. Your body then begins to use amino acids (proteins your muscle) to convert to ATP to use for energy.

    So... yes cardio does burn muscle mass if you do so much of it with too little energy (carbs) in your body.

    You can't make a blanket statement about something like that. You will get eaten alive on this website for something like that.

    Plus, I've never seen this Scooby website before but... if he calls himself Scooby... I would have a difficult time finding him credible. Then again I have a hard time finding people with normal names credible when they just make stuff up and put it on a website....

    Using amino acids during a workout does not mean you are "burning muscle", any more than using fatty acids means you are "burning fat".

    Transient changes in fuel substrate mix are not significant.
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