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Any other runners here?



  • delta90017delta90017 Member Posts: 64 Member Posts: 64
    Water, water and more water. Wth ice, with lemon. Love that water.
  • rachgoldsrachgolds Member Posts: 75 Member Posts: 75
    Unfortunately water is the best option, but adding a packet of crystal light can help sometimes...
  • shmiraclesshmiracles Member, Premium Posts: 105 Member Member, Premium Posts: 105 Member
    i'm another person that's basically gonna say water.

    if i'm running for less than an hour i don't bring any water. i just drink it when i get back.
    anywhere between an hour and an hour and a half and i'll bring some depending on the weather.
    i've only drank water so far while running. but this weekend i did happen to buy a couple tubes of NUUN to try.
    i'm a super sweater, like i squish little wet spots out of my shoes and onto the gym floor after a run kind of sweater.
    i've heard a few good things about nuun and i can use it with my camelbak/hydration system if i need to since it's not super sweet (ie; won't gum up the hydration tubes)
  • legallyblonde916legallyblonde916 Member Posts: 43 Member Member Posts: 43 Member
    Nuun. It's like 5 calories, and is all the electrolyte replacement you need. :)
  • kmodrakkmodrak Member Posts: 13 Member Posts: 13
    thanks all. I think I will try the Nuun. I am a heavy sweatter and have low blood pressure issues so I have to do something other than just water.

    thanks again! :-)
  • socalgirl68socalgirl68 Member Posts: 85 Member Posts: 85
    Regular water?

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