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Your Favorite Sandwich Combination



  • Kasya007Kasya007 Member Posts: 180 Member Member Posts: 180 Member
    This past summer, I'd have to say, these were my two favourite that I created. There will be many more to come once I finish the mustard that I have open in the fridge and move onto another one of the 13 jars of specialty Dijon I purchased in Paris. (The ingredients are all inspired by each individual mustard).

    Inspired by dried apricot & curry Dijon:


    Inspired by blueberry & violet Dijon:


    Pardon my lack of eloquence when I say, "Yep, I put this *kitten* on a sandwich!" (Mhm, even the flowers go on there.) :laugh:

  • ToughTulipToughTulip Member Posts: 1,118 Member Member Posts: 1,118 Member
    those look amazing! :D
  • lovepink4913lovepink4913 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    Well mine isn't a sandwich, it's a wrap.
    Whole wheat wrap
    Weight Watchers cream cheese
    Diced cucumber
    Honey turkey.
    It is so good and not that many calories at all!
  • Hezzietiger1Hezzietiger1 Member Posts: 1,256 Member Member Posts: 1,256 Member
    Turkey tomato cucumber lettuce avocado oregano oil and vinegar
  • MarisaLWoodMarisaLWood Member Posts: 54 Member Posts: 54
    My top two favorite sandwiches:

    --Tempeh, lettuce, and tomato on sourdough (a restaurant/pub here in Seattle makes one that really does taste VERY close to a BLT);
    --A Reuben made with portobello mushrooms instead of pastrami (The Essential Baking Company makes it on freshly-baked-on-site rye bread).

    A third one I recently tried that I liked a lot, again from The Essential Baking Company: the Fremont Veggie sandwich (house-made hummus, grated carrot, cucumber slices, asparagus spears, kale slaw and pickled red onions on freshly-baked multigrain bread).

    Getting hungry just thinking about them! :tongue:
  • sgv0918sgv0918 Member Posts: 854 Member Member Posts: 854 Member
    My favorite sandwich is a Reuben

    Amen to that. Corned beef and/or turkey. Both delish
  • sgv0918sgv0918 Member Posts: 854 Member Member Posts: 854 Member
    Peanut butter on white bread(hate wheat) with Marshmallow fluff.

    ahh the fluffernutter, also nutella and pb, and I've had a sandwich thin w/ chunky pb and milk chocolate chips
  • bestshiratakinoodlesbestshiratakinoodles Member Posts: 32 Member Posts: 32
    Grill Sandwich with onion & capsicum !!
  • daisydog101daisydog101 Member Posts: 81 Member Member Posts: 81 Member
    Cheese and vegemite!!

    Pretty much lived on that during school
  • Allie_71Allie_71 Member Posts: 1,072 Member Member Posts: 1,072 Member
    Made this in a cafe where I used to work:

    Toasted baguette
    red onion
    spicy mayo

  • Tat2dDom624Tat2dDom624 Member Posts: 1,226 Member Member Posts: 1,226 Member
    Roast Beef hero, mayo, lettuce, tomato, salt and pepper.
  • laserturkeylaserturkey Member Posts: 1,689 Member Member Posts: 1,689 Member
    Peanut butter and dill pickle
  • 4aFitTina4aFitTina Member Posts: 88 Member Posts: 88
    The Turkey Tom from Jimmy Johns!
  • sarahcuddlesarahcuddle Member Posts: 349 Member Member Posts: 349 Member
    Gotta be smoked salmon and philadelphia extra light cream cheese on granary bread - yum
  • jinjin8jinjin8 Member Posts: 220 Member Member Posts: 220 Member
    I love grilled chicken with hummus, feta cheese and salad on grainy bread. YUM.

    Even though my body doesn't like bread, this sandwich combo is delish.
  • Cordy1228Cordy1228 Member Posts: 245 Member Member Posts: 245 Member
    Ciabatta with:
    Roast beef, very rare and thinly sliced
    Sharp provolone

    Asiago roll or bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese. But the egg must be omlet style or scrambled, so it's all yellow, rather than McMuffin style.
  • Merc71Merc71 Member Posts: 412 Member Member Posts: 412 Member
    Whole wheat bread
    Black forest ham
    Lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles
    Spicy mustard
  • xxrainxxxxrainxx Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
    My Favoutire is a toasted ciabatta with:

    Real Mayonaise

  • vixmonstavixmonsta Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    my favourite indulgent sandwich

    fresh white bread cut thick
    mature cheddar cheese
    cheese and onion crisps

    press slice of bread down over - get a satisfying crunch

    then munch munch munch....

  • glitterysamglitterysam Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
    Thick sliced wholemeal bread
    Edam cheese
    Cherry tomato
    Light mayo
    Red peppers

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