I lost.... WHAT??



  • juliesmom2
    juliesmom2 Posts: 20 Member
    5 gallon water bottle!
  • mich1760
    mich1760 Posts: 34
    Th:laugh: is is so fun.
    I have lost an automobile tire and a rack of baby back ribs. I plan to lose a midsize microwave and another rack of baby back ribs for a total of an elephants penis.:laugh:
  • a bald eagle..
  • deviantcupcake
    deviantcupcake Posts: 136 Member
    So far I've lost an ostrich egg (woah!) and I'm aiming for a two-year-old.

    How bizarre!
  • Bump
  • WOW!! Total, I've lost an airconditioner.

    Lost a human head.
  • noahsmommie
    noahsmommie Posts: 71 Member
    So fun! I lost chemical additives an American consumes each year! What a good reminder.
  • I have lost a sperm whale's brain and a rack of baby back ribs. YaY!!! This is cool and a neat way to look at it, thanks!
  • deannajf4
    deannajf4 Posts: 223 Member
    I've already lost a newborn baby - looking to lose a bale of hay!! :)
  • shelmag
    shelmag Posts: 23 Member
    So far I have lost a bald eagle and I need to lose an automobile tire and then another bald eagle and 2 guinea pigs - which will mean that I will have lost an elephants heart! I really like the idea of picturing that tire - very visual image! thanks for posting the list.
  • wrinju
    wrinju Posts: 93 Member

    Wow, I'm looking to lose an adult woman!
  • Najay
    Najay Posts: 273 Member
    Hmmm...an elephant penis huh? I knew I was "coming" into something.
  • Shayzeepoo
    Shayzeepoo Posts: 178 Member
    A year of chemical additives :-)
  • brooshie
    brooshie Posts: 141 Member
    a 2 year old. nobody call CPS on me though, please.
  • tat2dmrsgrimm
    tat2dmrsgrimm Posts: 226 Member
    I have lost a 5 gallon bottle of water and a rack of baby back ribs. Cool
  • chelljo12
    chelljo12 Posts: 187 Member
    a 2 y/o and a dz Krispy Kreme donuts....
  • I've lost .5 of a guinea pig. (5 days):happy:
  • qdiggs
    qdiggs Posts: 27
    I'm at Human skin working towards Worlds Largest ball of Tape!!!:laugh:
  • love this! so as of right now, i have lost a car tire and a guinea pig. hmm

    Same here!!!!
  • Hilarious and def a good way to look at things!