Will you treat yourself once you reach your goal?



  • Love_flowers
    Love_flowers Posts: 365 Member
    Shopping spree!!

    Ditto! :bigsmile:
  • WaterBunnie
    WaterBunnie Posts: 1,372 Member
    Hot Air Balloon Ride.

    Holiday somewhere exotic.

    New clothes - although it's hard to have those as a goal as such because I'll need them as I drop, so I guess everything will be new anyway by the time I hit goal!
  • Going out to a nice steak house downtown.

    Yes, I reward myself with food. Arf Arf

    Haha. Thank you. I'm right there with ya. I don't mind being a dog who gets treats when she is good :)
  • G_iulia80
    G_iulia80 Posts: 11 Member
    a new wardrobe for my slender body
  • tygwyn2
    tygwyn2 Posts: 3
    Some really nice desiger Aftershave and Scents.
  • Tank_Girl
    Tank_Girl Posts: 372 Member
    2 half sleeve tattoos, bikini, clothes clothes clothes
  • SnTsMum
    SnTsMum Posts: 90 Member
    Going to go to an a la carte restaurant with my husband. I might just do that anyway haha, its not like the portions are going to be huge!
  • Prestissima
    Prestissima Posts: 66 Member
    A few photoshoots in new killer dress/lingerie, only for me & my spouse.)
  • maremare312
    maremare312 Posts: 1,143 Member
    Never with food! I reached my goal a year ago and I my treats are still not about food! Anything, just not about food. :)

    I think that's such an important mindset to learn! I'm working on setting non-food related rewards (and celebrations!)
  • YamadaSan
    YamadaSan Posts: 39 Member
    I'm going to get myself a bikini!
  • Louisianababy93
    Louisianababy93 Posts: 1,709 Member
    i wanna sexy purple dragon tattoo on my side.
    boots& Miss Me jeans!
  • truecaligirl
    truecaligirl Posts: 132 Member
    Well lets see... I wanna treat myself to a tummy tuck (including a full body sculpting, a boob lift (don't really want to add cup sizes just want them where they belong) , and a tattoo of a dolphin and a mermaid forming a circle. So I think I need to start playing the lottery to save for all that I want.
  • shmunster
    shmunster Posts: 538 Member
    Ive met a few goals on my journey so far, some I treated myself with a tattoo, a HRM, and some I treated myself with a big chocolate mud cake, or some other piggy meal. I dont see the problem with having food treats we need to learn to be able to occasionally have something naughty, and deal with it, move on and begin the next day as normal again. I know this can be really hard for some people to do, and I dont tend to use things like deep fried greasy foods to want for a treat, more things like the cake, or my friend and I had a beautiful blue cheese pasta dish for our goal meal
  • oonga
    oonga Posts: 336 Member
    OMG that blue cheese and walnut gnocchi dish you made :heart:
    Followed by the orange brulee slice of cake and kahlua cheesecake slice, that we shared between us :heart:

    Let's not forget our walk after lunch and before desert as well :D
  • shmunster
    shmunster Posts: 538 Member
    LOL, yeah we exercised before and after!
  • rizzaG
    rizzaG Posts: 110
    Funny because I was just talking about it with my husband last night. I will treat myself with a jewelry box, only worth $70 bucks it's really not much but it's a nice one, it is more of a representation that I have achieved my goal so I will always be reminded everytime I see it also contemplating about getting a strategically placed tatoo still contemplating about it though :) oh I'm 5 lbs. away from my goal...guess not much time to contemplate anymore:)
  • Lisah8969
    Lisah8969 Posts: 1,247 Member
    I am a scrapbooker. I've taken two really nice international vacations and many, many trips to Disney and other places in the US. My reward will be a vacation that is (1) worthy of being scrapbooked like the others and (2) has pictures of me in it that don't make me cringe!
  • abrewer563
    abrewer563 Posts: 122
    I'm going to get my anchor tattoo I've been wanting ;)
  • ilovedeadlifts
    ilovedeadlifts Posts: 2,923 Member
    depending on how major of a goal it is. Yes I'll treat myself to something, then set another goal and get focused again.
  • My goal is to be drafted to a team to play infront of the public.
    So my treat will be my uniform. With my name and number on the back. I will then buy tights and socks to match. And then buy makeup to match my uniform and come up with 100 ways to make it look awesome.

    My ultimate treat will be when our league MC announces my name for the very first time. He sounds like the guys who call the wrestling (but oh such a dapper chap is he, suits and a feather in his hat) just thinking about it gives me the jitters... APOCALYPSSSEE PWWWNIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... *crowd goes crazy* and I skate my lap alone with my hands in the air waving to everyone. Just that one moment. I'll allow myself all the glory and the ego stroking that is.