Half the woman I used to be

faya195 Posts: 17 Member
I started this current weight loss journey on December 29th, 2010 weighing in at 292.5 lbs spread across a 5'7" frame.
Yesterday's weigh-in showed 145 lbs which means that I am now literally half the woman I used to be.

I have never been this small in my life before and am still getting used to it. I'm aiming to lose another 10 lbs to see if that weight is both maintainable and has me feeling comfortable in my skin (I'm quite happy already but I still want to try and see if that makes sense).

I also still have a lot of toning to do and am aware that some of the loose skin on my upper arms, thighs and stomach may never completely disappear but that's the price I have to pay for stuffing my face for close to 30 years. I am teaching myself to think that people should look away if my saggy upper arms aren't aesthically pleasing to them - I sure prefer them this way to how they used to be before!

Now onto my photos... I debated on whether to add the detail shots as well after seeing a few comments on here that people do not like seeing plain underwear photos. As this is all I have, I decided to go ahead with posting them after all - for me it is important to include them as they show the extent of the changes in my body in (shocking?) detail. However, if these photos upset people I can remove them.

My stats:
Height: 5'7" (1.70 m)
HW: 292.2 lbs (20st 12.5 / 132.5kg)
CW: 145 lbs (10st 5 / 62 kg)

And just for fun some comparisons:
Clothes size: UK 28/30 -> UK 10/12
Upper arm: 19" (48cm) -> 12" (30cm)
Waist: 47 1/2" (121cm) -> 32" (82cm)
Hips: 59 1/2" (151cm) -> 39" (100cm)
Thighs: 35" (89cm) -> 23" (58cm)
Body fat: 54% -> 28%

Before & After (hope this works):


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  • HakunaMatata519
    HakunaMatata519 Posts: 141 Member
    Amazing job!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and photos with us. Very inspiring! Good luck with the last 10, but you look wonderful now!
  • Claire594
    Claire594 Posts: 357 Member
    Wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

    You look amazing. What a transformation. You should be so proud if everything u have achieved.

    You don't even look like u have much loose skin. That's my greatest fear too but as you said, lose skin is def more preferable to what my arms tummy and legs looked Luke at the start.

    The before and after pictures show just how hard you have worked and how far you have come.

    Congratulations. Can't wait till I reach my goal. Thanks for the inspiration.
  • lu123
    lu123 Posts: 247 Member
    WOW, you look great! Well done!
  • kritterxx
    kritterxx Posts: 100 Member
    So amazing! You look absolutely incredible, fantastic job, and so inspiring!
  • meerkat70
    meerkat70 Posts: 4,619 Member
    You have done an absolutely incredible job. Very, very well done.

    (And I really hope no-one gets report-happy on this thread, as I see nothing wrong with the photos, and they do absolutely show 'the whole picture' - it's brave to share them, and thank you for doing so.)
  • Congratulaions on your magnificent loss. Undies look pretty and so do you. Besy wishes for your future slim life. So inspiring for folks like me, as it shows what can be done if you want it enough and make it happen.
  • nas061
    nas061 Posts: 256 Member
    Very impressive and inspirational weight loss. You look like 2 different people. Congratulations

    I've bookmarked your post to look back at when I need more motivation!
  • monicamcisaac
    monicamcisaac Posts: 35 Member
    Hey I think you are really brave to post those photos and you look absolutely incredible!! You are amazing and an inspiration. Well done you!!
  • Nic620
    Nic620 Posts: 553 Member
    Incredible!! Be proud! Your transformation is really inspiring! I'm very happy for you. Congratulations.
  • ElleBee66
    ElleBee66 Posts: 128 Member
    Fantastic - Well done!
  • nz_deevaa
    nz_deevaa Posts: 12,209 Member
    You loom amazing. Congratulations. Amazing dedication.
  • You have done such an incredible job - thank you so much for posting!! I can't see any loose skin either and am very encouraged!
  • Excellent, well done, I hope you enjoyed your journey.
  • ajball90
    ajball90 Posts: 211 Member
    Thank you for sharing your photos! You have done an amazing job, you must be so proud of yourself. Thank you for providing the extra inspiration I have been looking for!
  • Holy Schmoly Lady ! You look amazing..!!
    Great job. Thanks for the inspiration.:flowerforyou:
  • Witchmoo
    Witchmoo Posts: 261 Member
    A fantastic transformation.....well done you....!!!!
  • Witchmoo
    Witchmoo Posts: 261 Member
    Oh and if anyone is 'upset' by these photos I will happily go and poke them in the eye with stick of celery !!!!
  • sandyinsc
    sandyinsc Posts: 70 Member
    You are AWESOME! :drinker:
  • Wow you look great well done
  • RaynahTh
    RaynahTh Posts: 6 Member
    wow, what a transformation - you look amazing!
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