What do you count as water?



  • wellbert
    wellbert Posts: 3,924 Member
    Anything that contains H20 will hydrate you, with the possible exception of, like, milk of magnesia.

    That means fruit, vegetables, most any food really... Diet soda, coffee, tea, those all hydrate you.

    Overhydrating is as much of a problem as dehydtration.
  • Bakkasan
    Bakkasan Posts: 1,027 Member
    I make sure I drink 1 gallon of water. And I still have my coffee and whatever.
  • yarwell
    yarwell Posts: 10,479 Member
    I wouldn't count coffee or tea (unless it is herbal tea) as water because they are actually dehydrating and will require you to need additional water.
    So you're suggesting that drinking coffee not only contributes nothing but actually subtracts from your water balance ? Science does not agree with you. Welcome to the mythology zone.
  • darls25
    darls25 Posts: 151 Member
    I count only water. I have an extra drink section in my diary where I count even zero calorie stuff. You might be surprised that vitamin water zero has carbs and a bit of sodium. Just makes sure that all things are accounted for and are in line :)
  • Simple, plain water. If you add anything else to your water its not really just water.
  • H2O
  • slim_photographer
    slim_photographer Posts: 310 Member
    only water and probably ice too
  • acrynne
    acrynne Posts: 74 Member
    I only count water-- both sparkling and still-- as water. I don't count if I put a spritz of lemon or lime in my water. I do count everything else that I drink! (iced tea mostly-- I am learning to love it without sugar.)
  • loril13
    loril13 Posts: 320 Member
    I only log plain water as water. I log crystal light under beverages. It has 5 calories per servng. Coffee, tea and soda also gets logged individually under beverages to account for sodium and the fat from the half n half I use in my coffee.
  • hiker359
    hiker359 Posts: 577 Member
    Water....I don't drink a lot else. Sodas are empty calories (Don't talk to me about that diet crap) although i do love the fizzy, sugary goodness every now and then.
  • Spitcan
    Spitcan Posts: 38 Member
    Water only. I have separate entries for my coffee consumption. Gatorade, i scan the barcode. I dont drink soda. That's about it.
  • AllonsYtotheTardis
    AllonsYtotheTardis Posts: 16,948 Member
    I count my water, and my green tea (which is zero calories). I don't add anything to my green tea - nothing sweet, no milk, nothing.
  • bkennedy1981
    bkennedy1981 Posts: 10 Member
    :drinker: I only count pure simple water. Everything else gets counted separately.
  • I count any liquid as "water" because I read somewhere that that can be included in your recommended 8 cups a day.
  • blondie0942
    blondie0942 Posts: 146 Member
    My rule of thumb is, if it has calories, it's logged as food. If not, I log it as water. So usually all I log as water is water and herbal teas (I don't add any sugar to them).

    this is what I do :)
  • sarahharmintx
    sarahharmintx Posts: 868 Member
    Water, water with crystal light, water with mio, unsweet tea. I am for 96+ ounce a day.
  • water, water with lemon, or water with fruit like 1/4 cup some frozen blueberries floating around. I drink about 15-18 8oz serving of water a day. nothing else counts like hot or cold unsweetened tea, coffee, crystal light, or vitamin waters/sobe waters. all those things get logged as a part of a meal or snack.
  • Just water... Nothing else
  • Nalgh94
    Nalgh94 Posts: 181 Member
    I only count pure water, I have another section named "Fluids (Not Pure Water)" where I include coffee, tea, juice etc
  • ickybella
    ickybella Posts: 1,439 Member
    Just red wine, oh, and I guess water.