• bluefox9er
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    Madden 2013 on xbox360, Defender, Robotron,Joust,Smash TV and asteroids. Missile command, too :-)
  • pinkpanthers1995
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    Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning


    I regularly replay Dragon Age (1 or 2) all on PS3

    Alice Madness Returns on xbox 360

    PC - Played EQ for a number of years - followed by Wow have managed to avoid that for quite some time now.

    Hubby and I also have a huge collection of retro game systems - Intellivison, Colecovision, Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, PS 1, 2 Sega Genesis, Saturn, DreamCast, xbox - we turned one of our rooms into the "retro game room" and have slowly collected games and systems We are def a gamer house - trying to avoid playing so much so I get more exercise in but I sneak in some time here and there. Finding a new balance.
  • Wii - You Don't Know Jack
    GameCube - Animal Crossing
    N64 - Diddy Kong Racing
    SNES - Super Mario World
    PS2 - Legend of Legaia
    PS3 - COD: Modern Warfare 4 (I think...I can never keep up with that game LOL)

    We're Nintendo/Sony nerds. :D
  • Aviation21
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    I consider myself one of the Original gamers... because I am one of those few people way back in the very beginning of video games that threw hand fulls of money at games there by helping create the gaming world we all love today! :happy: Before I switched over to Nitendo I played Intellivision which I own every game ever made.

    I haved played almost every game listed here so far but I always go back to one little gem made by Microsoft "Allegiance". I am part of a community that keeps this game a live and it's free

    It's basically a team game, PUGs (pick up games) are formed after someone is willing to be the commander. It's a space sim battle versus the other players who are also working as a team. On Sundays we have organized squad games and again it's all free.

    Stop by, check it out... all are welcomed! It's easy to get hooked!

    I consider myself an 'original' gamer because I remember such games as Space Quest and King's Quest and my all time favorite: Hero's Quest.

    But I'm mainly a computer gamer and am new to the console gaming field. :) is a PC Game... download and give it a try!
  • Menecairiel
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    Saboteur, Xbox 360 :)
  • winkerbean
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    Diablo 3! :)
  • VeggieKidMandy
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    im still stuck on black ops cod : I cant wait for the new one to come out.
  • mostaverage
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    running through Borderlands again, getting into the swing for Borderlands2 in a couple of weeks...such a good game
  • FoodPwnr
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    PCgamer all the way


    Counter strike
    Global offensive

    I pwn noobs :D
  • hlp423
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    Playing wow. I run a big guild on stonemaul. I have a disc priest decked out in heroic raid gear and a bunch of alts i play here and there. Im a big mount collector and love love my guild : )
  • Right now I am working on Amnesia for the PC, Dante's Inferno for the PS3, then the Wii is generally used for Just Dance parties with my 4 kids, then for the PS2 I have decided to restart The Nightmare Before Christmas game!
  • cannonfury2006
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    I like this massive multi-player online game...Pirates of the Caribbean online.
  • AmyFett
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  • Asura's Wrath & Darksiders 2
  • AmyFett
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    PCgamer all the way


    Counter strike
    Global offensive

    I pwn noobs :D

    I looked quick and it looked like you said, I pwn moobs LOL
  • I love Alice Return to Madness!! I have played it through a few times on my PS3, along with Portal 2. When I was saving to get a new game, those were alternated for a while!
  • Letty_c
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    and waiting for borderlands 2 and ASSASSINS CREED 3!!!!!!!!
  • F.E.A.R 2 :)
  • SayLiLIG
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    Love this thread! I play tons, but sometimes I dont play for a couple days..

    Currently playing: MW3, Black Ops (Mostly Zombies), Dance Central 2, and Madden NFL 13

    Plan on playing again soon: Skyrim, Alice: Madness Returns, Black Ops 2 and Dance Central 3 (When they come out!)

    I have a PS3, but I've only played Uncharted on it, and I'm looking to finish Uncharted 3..

    My gamertag on both is the same as my username on MFP... I like friends! Msg me on there and lemme know your from MFP if you add me

    GAME ON!
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    On my PC I am playing Diablo 3, but only play once a week. In my Wii it is Just Dance 2. Xbox 360 I don't think there is anything it right now. And the Atari I don't think is plugged up right now.