Is there anything you NEVER track?



  • chewing gum
    LALOCHA34 Posts: 340 Member

    HA HA!

    I might forget that occasional 4th meal after a night out with the girls, but that happens A LOT less these days!
  • kgprice11
    kgprice11 Posts: 750 Member
    yeah chores and and walking to and from class.
  • RiversideBabe
    RiversideBabe Posts: 75 Member
    If I go camping, or if I am spending a day out with my family and trying to truly enjoy life I don't log everything, Im too busy having fun. Isn't that what life is about anyway? I don't want to miss anything while Im on my phone trying to log something.
  • My black coffee, tea, diet soda (rarely have it), mustard (0 cals), spices, sugar free gum (5 cals) but i don't care.
  • Nikkie_too
    Nikkie_too Posts: 495 Member
    Spices like basil, oregano, garlic powder, dill etc. They have no sodium and *maybe* one calorie. Effort is greater than the reward in that case. I do log anything with salt though - chili powder, garlic salt, celery salt.
  • gobraves47
    gobraves47 Posts: 213 Member
    I don't track herbs/spices, extracts, diet drinks, water. I'm too lazy--I think I do everything else though. I love water and drink a ton of it so I'm not concerned with getting the minimum.
  • makemewannadie
    makemewannadie Posts: 401 Member
    Like over people, I don't bother tracking herbs or spices, and I always forget to track water :3
  • imhungry2012
    imhungry2012 Posts: 240 Member
    I have one travel mug of coffee every day on my way to work and add a little FF half and half...I NEVER track this. I'm not exactly sure why but it is my one "cheat" and I don't ever feel bad about it! I think it's mental for I am getting away with something :)

    However, I literally track everything else to the T...various portion sized tupperware, measuring cups and spoons, food scale are my best friends.
  • rivka_m
    rivka_m Posts: 1,007 Member
    Spices, water, coffee. I don't usually bother with mustard either since I'm not worrying about sodium. And I guess at vegetables and lower-cal fruits. I didn't use to log supplements but then I realized that *duh* algae oil would have calories.
  • NicLiving
    NicLiving Posts: 281 Member
    Saturday nights!

    Great idea! That's usually the day I have a drink lol. Other than Saturdays I'm really strict about logging EVERY thing 500 days & counting lol.
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  • Punkedpoetess
    Punkedpoetess Posts: 633 Member
    I don't track spices. It's not even worth it. And sometimes I forget to track my zero-calorie drinks.

    This is me also along with sugar free gum (only chew a piece once in awhile). To me tracking seasonings and spices is not worth ithe aggravation over the few calories they have. I also rarely track splenda or stevia packets when I use them in something.
  • Angel1066
    Angel1066 Posts: 822 Member
    I track everything except if i go out to eat and i can't found out the calories.
  • mbajrami
    mbajrami Posts: 636 Member

    ^This. :-)
  • freew67
    freew67 Posts: 348 Member
    Anything 0 cal I dont bother, gum since it might be 1 piece a month, and lettuce.
  • Lina4Lina
    Lina4Lina Posts: 712 Member
    Zero calorie drinks, low calorie condiments, etc.
  • sds76
    sds76 Posts: 215 Member
    I track it all, even no calorie flavored waters because a lot of them have sodium(diet soda does too but I don't drink that) and that has to be watched too at least for me it does.

    On the other side of counting(exercise), I do not count that I am nursing my child(supply is fine and she's old enough that if she weaned I would be happy anyway). I do not count house cleaning, (I might if I were to maybe clean out the basement or garage or something). I would however count mowing the lawn since I have a non-propelled push mower with a very hilly yard, and it's not something I do every day, heck with the drought we've had I have only done it once this summer.

    edited to add: I do track medication(thyroid meds) because it helps me remember if I took it or not :)
  • southernsky1
    southernsky1 Posts: 2 Member
    I don't count banana's or any fruit, i try to limit how many I eat, but i didnt count it on weight watchers and I still lost weight.
  • Yummamamma
    Yummamamma Posts: 79 Member
    I dont track water because I drink a TON
    I dont track spices
    I dont track Gum

    I get pretty crazy measuring out condiments and how much Silk is in my coffee/tea etc. That stuff really adds up!! If I add salt to my meal i usually guess but I like to log it most of the time so I can watch my sodium...
  • missmayeb
    missmayeb Posts: 182 Member
    I guess I am weird too but I track everything. . . .unless I skip the whole day entirely. Even late at night when I want a snack I say to myself "Do I want to eat it then track it or do I just want to sleep?" Usually sleep wins out. I think the point is to track everything so I do. I even track my coffee, tea, water, diet sodas, etc. I need to see what I am doing wrong, where I can fix things and what I am doing really well.