At what age/point in your life did you meet your SO?



  • paint_it_black
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    I met my sweetheart when i was 11, i pedaled past him on my lame *kitten* fold up bike while he was with his friend/my schoolmate. We spent every summer together in out teens and eventually settled down together age 20.
  • stagknight
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    Still haven't. I'm 47
  • Molly_Maguire
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    We were 10. We went to church together, and our parents were friends. We were friends at 10, dated at 17, then again at 19, and again at 24, and stayed together until we were married at 25. :)
  • zyxst
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    We met face-to-face in June, 1998, and on newsgroup in December 1996. We started exchanging emails April 1997 and we got engaged in May 1997. We finally got married in March 1999 after 2 years of being apart and engaged. We've been decently married for 13 1/2 years.

    Since so many people are meeting their SO via the internet, I insist on telling people we met at the Greyhound bus station (technically true). :laugh:
  • mamagooskie
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    I met him when we were 19.......we married at 23 and celebrate our 10 year anniversary next friday.
  • maggiemay365
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    I was 38 and my now husband was 48.We dated 1 year and were engaged for 8 months.
    We met on a blind date and now I am 44 and he is 54....6 years married :)
    It happens when it happens..I thought for sure I was never going to meet anyone..and boom there he was ;)
  • ebonyroche
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    I met my fiance when I was 21 and he was 18 (my mom always tease me about this!). I was a single mom working at mcdonals, when I saw him, I knew I had to meet him. 13 years later through good and bad times, we are stronger than ever.
  • lizzynewm
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    when i was a freshman in highschool! i have loved him ever since. 6 years later, with much persistence and perseverance, and he's finally all mine. muahaha
  • BikinimomE
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    Neither I nor my husband were EVER going to remarry. I had the ex from hell that just wouldn't die so gaining another potentially hell-ish situation was not something that I found to be appealing.

    My husband had been married 5 times previous to meeting me so he was all about having fun without limitations. <--- this mind-set suited me PERFECTLY.

    I was 39 and he was 57. He proposed marriage after our second date. I accepted and we were married on our third date. It will be 6 years on Halloween 2012.

    "My first husband was a lesson. My last husband is a gift."
  • Lynn625
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    When I was 35 (divorced with 2 teenage children) and he was 25 and single.
    We were married 2 years later and now have a 16 year old daughter together.
  • I met my soon-to-be hubby when were were 15 or 16. Were good friends, and I was dating on of his buddies. The other guy and I split up after 3 years, and I went for the rebound with my fiance. In hind sight, it was terrible because I knew he was in love with me, and had been for years, but I was just interested in having fun. I stopped talking to him out of the blue when another (much older, bad news guy) came along. I married the bad guy after finding out I was pregnant about 9 months later. Long story short, I ran into my almost hubby one evening after being seperated from my ex husband. He had nothing to say to me, rightfully so. But then after a few months of not talking, a group of our friends went out, and we both happened to be there. From that night on I knew I would marry him, and never let my foolish mistakes and impulses to run never come between us. That was almost 2 years ago. We are getting married in a few short weeks. He is the most incredible man, has found it in his heart to forgive and forget my painful mistakes, and takes me just as I am (which isn't easy!). On top of being wonderful for me, he is the BEST dad to my children. You would never know they aren't his bio-kids. He embodies the ideal of a perfect family man, and his family is just as kind and loving as he is.

    You will find a man worthy of being your husband and your sons step dad. I thought for sure I was going to spend the next 18 years alone, because I thought no nice man would want a 23 yr old single mom with a 2 year old and a baby, let alone a man who's heart I had already broken! It does happen though, you just have let it come naturally!
  • spicypepper
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    I was 18 and he was just turning 27. I was working and going to college and he was a vendor at the place I was working at. My mother actually predicted us meeting.

    Long story short, he was coming off of a very bad 5 year marriage and wasn't looking to get into another relationship. I was the rebound girl...

    I actually asked him out for his birthday. :) First guy I'd ever asked out. He proposed 6 months later and we were married 18 months after that.

    5 kids and 19.5 years since our first date (17.5 years married), we're still happily married.
  • I met my husband after my first marriage ended and my son was a year old. We were a blind date fixed up by my father in law who was my dr. at the time. At my visits he would ask me how my love life was. At first I thought he was being an old perv. He has a reputation in town so thought he was hitting on me. I told him Dating is horrible. Guys get upset when I have to cancel a date because my son is sick. I said I just want someone who will like me and my son and accept us for who we are and not expect me to drop everything for him all the time. Childish men need not apply! He said I have just the guy for you and told me about his oldest son. We got engaged 4 months later, got married 4 months after that and we've been married 20 years now and have 3 children total. Oldest from my first marriage is now 22.

    Don't give up. There is someone out there. You just haven't found him yet.
    ALmost forgot...I was 25 when we met and 26 when we got married.

    Very cute!!! :) but i don't think age is the question you should ask.. because love kinda just happens.. if something was meant to be it'll find a way of working it self out.. just stop looking and some how it'll just happen when you least expect it! :) good luck!! :)
  • lachesissss
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    This thread is encouraging. I'm 26 - haven't really met anyone yet and not a huge dater.
  • MichelleLaree13
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    19 and I am 25 now... dont give up
  • HypersonicFitNess
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    Don't go by me...I met my husband when I was 20 (he was 29) and 42 days later we got married. We've been married 23 years in October; wouldn't trade him for anything in the world! <3 my man! <3
  • 26....she cheated on me at 38 I divorced her at 39...
  • at age 19
  • shannonlynne67
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    I met my husband when I was 35. We met at our place of worship. He was recently divorced and my first thought was, "he looks really sad." We ended up working around each other and I quickly picked up on his sense of humor. We became friends and fell in love. He is the best thing to ever happen to me.
  • cakeordeath
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    After splitting with my oldest's father, I compleatly gave up on men, (mostly becasue I'm a paranoid mess about pedefiles) but i met my husband after aout 1 year of being single. We met in a mosh pit at a type o negative concert. We went out for a bit bit and after a while i introduced him to my daughter (again paranoid) They hit it off and she is just like his own flesh and blood. # more kids followed and here i am...
    if you want some advice (i know you just wanted to hear our stories) if you do find a guy, dont introduce your kids till after your sure the guys is sticking around.