How many days have you logged on MFP and how many lbs lost?



  • Weebs628
    Weebs628 Posts: 574 Member
    80 days and 18 pounds. I'm currently at my original goal weight!
  • nikinyx6
    nikinyx6 Posts: 772 Member
    Lost my day count, I'm at 35 consecutive and about 70 total. and 9 lbs lost. The right way this time!
  • blairbarou
    blairbarou Posts: 1 Member
    31 days lost 20 pounds!
  • daisiecpa
    daisiecpa Posts: 103 Member
    just over 6 months started march 4th. (although my days do not show that because i did not log in while on vacation). i log 95% of the time but some days just dont log because to busy or a party or something and it is to hard to log.

    i have lost 32 pounds so far.
  • LorinaLynn
    LorinaLynn Posts: 13,251 Member
    631 days, 27 pounds, but I reached my goal of losing 25 pounds 467 days ago. :blushing:
  • 122
  • Giraffe33991
    Giraffe33991 Posts: 434 Member
    499 days and 73 pounds lost!
  • MissySho
    MissySho Posts: 126 Member
    logged for 68 days, lost 28 pounds so far. still have quite a long time left to go and quite a few more pounds ready to melt.
  • jboccio90
    jboccio90 Posts: 649 Member
    170 days and 54 (but i have lost 62 all together)
  • 65 days 24lbs lost
  • rdennisjr
    rdennisjr Posts: 402 Member
    255ish, 27lbs...still going!
  • JenniBaby85
    JenniBaby85 Posts: 855 Member
    I've logged in for 60(ish)days, and observe the ticker :p
  • Janiot
    Janiot Posts: 187 Member
    234 days - I had lost 49 lbs but regained 8 lbs in the last 5 weeks when I was on holiday and not logging food eaten- it is so easy for me to over eat carbs - atleast I have not gone back to chocolate!
    So 41 lbs at the moment.
    I have lost my momentum ....but....
    Today is a new start!
  • 110 days / 40 Lbs.
  • I'm at 51 days now and 32lbs down.
  • 47 days (I think); 13 lbs
  • 28 days, 8 lbs lost!
  • jogy
    jogy Posts: 77 Member
    Started July 20th and lost 6 pounds. My goal is 1 pound a week. As you can see, it hasn't worked out that way yet but I noticed that my appetite as gone down (I'm not starving anymore) and I have more energy. I also fit in the clothes that I couldn't wear anymore at the beginning of the summer.
  • momof2winsplus
    momof2winsplus Posts: 141 Member
    235 days, 31 lbs lost (2 more than my original goal).
  • virichi08
    virichi08 Posts: 465 Member
    55 days and 12dwn so far... (20 more to go...cnt wait to get there!!!!!!!!)