What 'sin' food do you have a hard time resisting?



  • agraciana
    agraciana Posts: 19 Member
    Chocolate anything...

    French Fries with Gravy, Vinegar and Ketchup

    Mexican food (but, as long as I make it at home, I can control it and make it healthy - Chickpea tacos, anyone?! YUM!)

    Italian food (Carb lover)

  • nmck55
    nmck55 Posts: 22
    pizza, bread and crisps damn those salty carbs sooooo tasty!
    weened myself slowly off bread that i rarely have it and pizza i only really have now if i cant be bothered cooking but crisps are my real binge food. i can easily eat a big share bag of them by myself out of boredom. so now when i go shopping i have to stay away from the crisp aisle, altho i do occasionally cave!!
  • EmeliaFoo
    EmeliaFoo Posts: 186 Member
    I love Benton's bacon! I have some in the freezer right now so that I can't just pull it out and cook it any old time. The stuff is addictive. I won't touch any other bacon anymore.
    I work at a restaurant and cook off two large sheet trays of bacon every day. It's impossible to resist, so I have made room for three pieces of Benton's bacon every day as a snack. haha.
  • 81Katz
    81Katz Posts: 7,074 Member
    Not really a food, but no matter how many times I try, I can't seem to give up my flavored coffee creamer!!! I have tried to drink coffee plain and I can't. I have tried to drink coffee with just milk, I can't. I have tried half and half and I can't. I have tried with just Stevia and I can't. Only thing left to do is give up coffee I think ... Not sure I can do that one either.

    Those flavored creamers have suger and calories and it all adds up so fast when you pour it into the mug. Darnit! :ohwell:

    I just recently switched to silk soy creamer (15 cals per tbsp) and sugar-free torani hazelnut flavoring syrup (0 cals). Much nicer to my cal count, since I'm a coffee addict and I cannot stand it black.

    Thank you! Will try it.
  • DQMD
    DQMD Posts: 193

    Aersol Whipped Cream - after an inicident last night I can not be trusted to have it in my house anymore.

    Corn chips & Queso sauce

    Wine is my biggest one. Sigh..I miss a glass of wine after a really nasty day at work.
  • wifeygonzo
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  • xcrushx28
    xcrushx28 Posts: 182 Member
    Pretty much anything I crave for I eat, but find a way to fit it into my numbers. For me there are no "sin" foods, rather foods that are just ridiculous to eat because their macro ratios are terrible and thus not worth eating.
  • april522
    april522 Posts: 388 Member
  • Hot jam donuts:love: cant resist
  • kyla4u
    kyla4u Posts: 15 Member

    Definitely! I miss cheese.
  • jquarequio
    jquarequio Posts: 40 Member
    Pizza and ice cream
  • ImperfectedBeauty
    ImperfectedBeauty Posts: 124 Member
    candy, fast food and anything with icing. =(
  • iluvprettyshoes
    iluvprettyshoes Posts: 605 Member
    Potato chips...I love em!!
  • sarahharmintx
    sarahharmintx Posts: 868 Member
    recently, intense chocolate ice cream. thats why there isnt any in the house. at least i dont think there is...
  • Just about ANYTHING with Alfredo sauce! Mnom, mnom, mnom!
  • fatboypup
    fatboypup Posts: 1,873 Member
    Pink tacos
  • Hot Cheetos :((
  • wmagoo27
    wmagoo27 Posts: 201 Member
    Red velvet cake and lucky charms. Not at the same time.
  • It's not a food... Alcohol (any and all kinds). All of those evil empty calories are what destroy my diet. If I could completely cut out the booze I bet I'd lose 5+ pounds in less than 2 weeks (I've tried this experiment before). However, I live in Milwaukee and all we do is drink, drink, drink, all the time, everywhere!!
  • Snoopaloop63
    Snoopaloop63 Posts: 18 Member
    Gingersnaps! I don't allow them in my home because I will not stop until the bag is gone and I am sick