LOST 195lbs -- Body + Face PICS :O



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    What that what? Sweet lamas from the Bahamas...great job brother!
  • That is so Awesome:-)
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    WOW thats Awesome...Keep up the good work..Congrads to you..:-))
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    Your transformation is nothing short of astounding. You look fantastic, keep up the inspiring journey!
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    Huge huge well done, the transformation is amazing!
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    I'm curious about what amount of calories you cut off ?
  • Hossum. Well done. You really do look great.
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    I'm curious about what amount of calories you cut off ?

    At the start I wasn't doing it right at all, only eating about 1,400 calories. For a guy my size at the time it wasn't right, but I did that for about 3 months. I would get really lightheaded during workouts, so I knew that I needed to change that! Since then I learned about TDEE/BMR etcetc all that stuff. I'm eating 2,400 now for a 1lb week loss, for the longest time I was eating about 2,100-2,200 calories but also burning more through exercise than I do now for 1.5/2lbs per week. I was also very focused on making sure I got a lot of protein every day.
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    RAWR! Cougar alert :wink:
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    That is SO awesome! Great, great job! You've probably worked so hard, but look at how far you got! Congratulations!
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    wow!!! you look amazing!!!!!!
  • Holy crap dude!
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    Wow! Amazing! U don't even have loose skin! It's as if u have always been fit! Fabulous job!,
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    Wow awesome transformation! Tnx for sharing
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    What was/is the reaction from the people around you?
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    Holy crap dude.. That is freakin' amazing! Congratulations!
  • Awesome work!! You look great :)