Foods that you find DISGUSTING



  • 1996gtstang
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    never liked onions or green peppers.
  • Bread and pasta are both high on my list of foods I don't like. Once upon a time I used to enjoy eating them every day, but after trying out a paleo diet a couple years back, these foods taste nasty now - like slimy cardboard. Even with pizza I can only stand to eat the cheese and toppings. Makes for some odd looks when eating out.
  • Im_NotPerfect
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    Absolutely gag-inducing disgusting?? Overripe bananas. And anything MADE with overripe bananas (bread, muffins, pudding, etc).

    Things I just dislike: cottage cheese, cooked spinach, cooked carrots, beer, coffee (love flavored lattes though!), warm tomatoes (like on Pizza or grilled sandwiches). Bleh!
  • Slove009
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    Cottage cheese, Goat Cheese/Milk, Squid Sashimi, and Unagi Nigiri. I can eat Unagi (eel) if it's in a roll, but bleh to the texture. Oh, and pork cracklings. That's just gross.....
  • Nutella, cheese, pasta, meat ( i'm a vegetarian ), milk chocolate, cow's milk, soup, tacos, sauces, pizza, fries, chips, pie, ice cream, rice, soda, marshmallow's..

    I could go on and on but really what are some foods you find disgusting that other people like?

    OMG I wish I had your problems... my life would be so much better if I didn't like these foods :ohwell:
  • Ke11yJo
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    Cream corn, Cream peas, Cream of wheat ... anything even prepared like that. Oatmeal.

    "blech" :tongue: I gagged even typing that.

  • Janet9906
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    Tomatoes, seafood, mushrooms, game meats. :sick:
  • Im_NotPerfect
    Im_NotPerfect Posts: 2,181 Member
    never liked onions or green peppers.

    Oh would have a hard time eating at our house! We put these in just about everything we eat! LOL
  • mommy1126
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  • alvalaurie
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    Liver, cottage cheese, okra & fried chicken. Love it baked but only the breasts - can't do dark meat. It's slimy & gross!!
  • sc0418
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    Runny eggs, cantaloupe, venison (the smell alone makes me ill), greek yogurt (I've tried really really hard to like it :frown: ) and the gristle/fat on meats.... Like someone else said, one bite of that and I'm done.

    I wish I hated cheese, pasta and breads like some of you! I probably wouldn't be trying to lose weight haha :smile:
  • MacInCali
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    Mushrooms (cooked or raw, doesn't matter).
    Beets (pickled or un-picked, doesn't matter)

    That's about it, lol.
  • Yukongil
    Yukongil Posts: 166 Member
    only cauliflower and okra are on my "DO NOT EAT' list. *shudder*
  • misslindseylou
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    I really don't like tomatoes because of their texture, same thing with broccoli. I also hate hate hate fat bits on any kind of meat.

    YESSS!!!! I have selective eating disorder and also rule out foods based on texture. the insides of a tomato are GROSS! slimy foods are a big no-no! and yeah, if i bite into a fatty piece of meat, i immediately remove it from my mouth and throw it on my husband's plate because he LOVES it. EW!

    Oh goodness! That last bit made me gag a little bit, I don't understand liking the fatty parts at all.

    And this is going to sound silly, but I'm trying to eat a banana right now, and I think that might have to go on my disgusting list because of the texture. If it wasn't so mushy I'd like it!
  • Definitely seafood - ick.

    And MUSHROOMS! Know what they are? Fungus! Know where else fungus can grow? Feet! I hate feet too!
    (i know, i'm weird - leave me alone, LOL) :tongue:
  • IntoTheSky
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    I wish I found ANY food disgusting........ really........ any of it. I cannot think of a single thing that I just won't eat......
  • garlic7girl
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    Wow the world is definitely made of different people! Some things I was a little surprised like cinnamon?! Wow!

    Now to fit the word disgusting I think of foods like snails or escargot...eeeew! That is what I consider disgusting!
  • icimani
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    chick peas - and hummus. yuck!
  • PRMinx
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    I didn't realize there were so many fake foods out there until I read this thread :cry:

    Cottage cheese, organ meats, tofu, overripe bananas and cheesecake.
  • ground beef, oatmeal, and a lot of seafood items