Your workout ends. You are: STARVING! or lost your appetite



  • guardian419
    guardian419 Posts: 391 Member
    If I'm weightlifting, my PWO shake is enough for an hour or two (work out before work) and just eat a handful of nuts and a lot of water until lunch. Running is about the same. It might be that I'm just not pushing my intensity enough, because after we started TRX I could eat a baby cow (mmm veal)... and the same goes with swimming.
  • prjoy98
    prjoy98 Posts: 250 Member
    I NEVER have an appetite after my workouts. I have been forcing myself to drink 1% chocolate with whey right after tho
  • Debbe2
    Debbe2 Posts: 2,071 Member
    I generally plan a protein shake or protein bar as a snack or meal for post workouts. I find it best to preplan and know in advance what I will have after the workout.
  • NCchar130
    NCchar130 Posts: 955 Member
    Hard cardio makes me lose my appetite (running, elliptical). When I do weight training, I'm starving about halfway through!
  • itsmyvwbeetle
    itsmyvwbeetle Posts: 272 Member
    I lose my appetite. Without fail, starving before and content afterwards. Helps me get from lunch to dinner...
  • MaraDiaz
    MaraDiaz Posts: 4,604 Member
    Usually not hungry for a couple hours after a workout. But after awhile my appetite shows back up with a vengeance.
  • EmiVReyes
    EmiVReyes Posts: 118 Member
    I lose my appetite most of the time. Usually i eat a quick snack before the gym. Something light like a few slices of apple or if we have it i'll a string cheese and drink plenty of water while i'm working out.
  • MemphisKitten
    MemphisKitten Posts: 878 Member
    Always starving post-workout and for hours afterward. It's really frustrating!!! :explode:
  • GiddyupTim
    GiddyupTim Posts: 2,819 Member
    Usually not so hungry. If I have a very intense day, physically, the big appetite usually shows up the next day.
  • Slove009
    Slove009 Posts: 364 Member
    For me it's the same way. I workout for 30-45 minutes and it seems to stave off my hunger. If I go for 60-100 minutes, I am about to die if I don't eat soon! I found these Ostrim turkey jerky sticks that are only 100 calories and full of protien! I like the Maple Brown Sugar and it's a great pre-workout fuel or post-workout snack!
  • rrneal625
    rrneal625 Posts: 69 Member
    On gym days I generally have less of an appetite after working out but the day after I tend to be starving!
  • ArtsieSarah
    ArtsieSarah Posts: 129 Member
    I'm usually hungry but I always fill up on water after I work out first. Usually you sweat a lot ( obviously) and you probably need water more than food at the moment. If after you've had plenty to drink then that's when I try a healthy snack.
  • PennyHarris123
    PennyHarris123 Posts: 159 Member
    ive had to get out of the pool earlier than normal before as was shaking with hunger....bloody sugar level low...but normally after gym i've lost my apetite for a bit..not long!!!
  • sjohnny
    sjohnny Posts: 56,142 Member
    ive had to get out of the pool earlier than normal before as was shaking with hunger....bloody sugar level low...but normally after gym i've lost my apetite for a bit..not long!!!

    Bloody sugar! Gross!

    Or intriguing........
  • I have intense cravings for meat! Especially after lifting/weight machines.
    I get home and immediately throw on lean beef, turkey or fish and eat like 3 servings.
    I heard that its a good time to eat as metabolism is up after excersize.
  • Verity1111
    Verity1111 Posts: 3,309 Member
    Seems like everyone is different. :] I plan my meals too, but it is a habit now.
    Usually I get ravenous after I lift weights. If I'm not ready to eat a whole meal I'll have a protein shake to keep my hunger at bay until I can get some real food. I'm usually not hungry after I run. I've been known to run 10 miles on an empty stomach and wait a couple of hours to eat. Sometimes it's different but this is the case the vast majority of the time.

    My theory is that I growl and roar and sh1t when I'm lifting weights so my metabolism thinks I'm a tiger so I have to go hunt for food when I'm done.

    Bloody sugar! Gross!

    Or intriguing........
    You always make me laugh with your posts LOL
  • It varies. Sometimes I am absolutely ravenous after a few hours, other times I have no increase in appetite whatsoever. Usually it has to do with the TYPE of workout--if I am glycogen depleted I usually get hungry after a few hours but it's SEVERE hunger..not some wimpy hunger.
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
    Willbenchforcupcakes Posts: 4,955 Member
    I'm starving after a strength workout, and after an intense cardio session, don't get my appetite back for a few hours.
  • 3foldchord
    3foldchord Posts: 2,918 Member
    I pretty much am always starving after I work out , I think it's because I normally do it before I eat to make sure I have earn't my meal.
    Being alive for the 12 hours since 'dinner last night' earns me my breakfast.
  • wimeezer
    wimeezer Posts: 404 Member
    Starving i need to get better organized and have the right foods to hand.