iPhone 5 v. Samsung Galaxy III



  • MUByM
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    S3 all the way! I love mine and haven't had problems with it either. Samsung products are awesome.
  • Bucky83
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    I had done the research between the two, and then had two people try to 'sell' how good each phone was.

    For what I wanted, the SIII beat the iPhone5 hands down.
  • ElizaRoche
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    samsung for sure
  • moopity
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    I have a Galaxy XIII and love it! I understand the Apple battery is a bit better but that's only because the Samsung processor is more advanced and primed for streaming live television, so it has to be more robust, hence draining more battery. Even so, I get about 8 hours per full battery charge.
  • IronSmasher
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  • joehempel
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    iPhone is waaaaay behind the curve except for a bit more speed compared to the SIII.

    However android is just a better more open platform....SIII to be sure!!!
  • nikilis
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    either are good, I have an Iphone and probably wouldn't switch as its already working for me and I don't know how the samsung really compares or sync with my mac / itunes / iphoto or anything really.

    you sound like you have a few things you would like on the samsung thats not on the iphone so I'd say go for it.

    EDIT: just read back the thread. WAY more S3 lovers / users than I expected. good to know that they've coe out with a good product.

  • msafunk
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    I had the first Galaxy S, and upgraded to the Galaxy S3 a few weeks after it came out. I love it. I'm a big widget and customization person. I'd go crazy if all I could put on my home screens were app buttons.

    Also, Android has http://www.swype.com/ which is AWESOME. No more tapping. I can text at about 55 wpm with swype.

    And the Maps are still powered by Google.

    Edit: I saw someone mention S-Beam... that feature where you put two S-Beam enabled devices together (right now, it's just the GS3), and just Tap. It's not as fast as the commercials make it look, but it's still fun, nonetheless. I was at a mall the other day, and there was a poster that gave free e-books to Galaxy S3 phones by putting the phone up to the poster. I felt like a dork doing it, but it was still fun. XD Of course, it accomplished everything that the marketers wanted: People saw me hold my phone up to a poster and get excited, haha.
  • _JR_
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    Had the S3 for 2 weeks, but traded it in for the Ip5 (receiving soon). I'm more familiar with the Ip4.

    My complaints for the S3:

    -Size was nice, but made it hard to text with one hand.

    -Hated the predictive texting. Yes, I could've turned it off, but I find having some auto-correct speeds up texting. iPhone is much better IMO.

    -Tapping the top of the phone to quick-scroll to the top of a long page of text only worked in certain programs, but not with MFP and other websites.

    The S3 is a pretty slick phone, but just didn't fit with my own personal preferences.

    I think in all of the reviews you'll find the differences are more about personal preferences, and less about one phone's superiority over the other.
  • piratesaregrand
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    I went with the iphone5. I have an iPad. So it made sense to sync everything
  • MissDevin
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    I cannot stand phones that are all touchscreen. They drive me nuts.
    I can only tolerate if it's touchscreen with a slide-out keyboard. Love the keyboard. Gotta have it.
  • _binary_jester_
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    2013 they are going to start releasing quad-core processors. LG has one coming out now. I considered the S3...but I think I can limp along with my Droid X until the quad-cores come out
  • nursevee
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    I have Iphone 4, my son just got Samsung Galaxy III - I am upgrading to SGIII when I have an upgrade. IF YOU HAVE VERIZON BE AWARE YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR UNLIMITED DATA PLAN WHEN YOU UPGRADE - YOU ONLY GET 2 GB NOW, YOU HAVE TO PAY $$ FOR MORE GB I was not told this when my son upgraded and he is away at college with no WIFI, was not a happy Verizon customer

    Hub's just got the S3 and I'm getting one in a couple weeks. I think it is far superior to the iphone and anything the Apple can do, the Android can do better. i have to be honest, if I compare the ease of use of the Android vs. Apple, the Android wins. The only reason I would consider the iphone is because I do photography and use a Mac for all my work. It might be easier to streamline the two programs... but that would be it and as far as i'm concerned it's not really a big enough issue for me.

    As for the data. Yes, you lose your unlimited data but it is replaced by unlimited minutes and texts. We just signed up for the 10GB data package and our bill went down especially since we can allocate a small amount to our teenage daughters (who would otherwise rip through it) so they get 1GB a month and hubs and I share the rest. I use my phone a lot, so does Huz and we normally come in at about 3GB per month. You can increase and decrease your data once you figure out your useage. It's not such a bad thing.
  • jconnon
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    SIII but I am personally going for the Note 2.
  • Amberonamission
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    I've had quite a few smart phones including the OG Motorolla Droid and the iphone4 (which I liked but hated having to get it fixed). Right now I have a samsung galaxy and it is the best of the best. The only trouble I have had with it in the last 8 months was that it froze once and I had to pop the battery. Other than that it is near perfect.
  • DaveRCF
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    Just switched to an iPhone 5 after owning a Blackberry or precursor since 1998 (yes, 1998). Looked hard at the SIII as several work colleagues have them and like them. Ultimately, it came down to the fact that I have had an iPad since they came out and love the interface. Going to the iPhone 5 was a concern because I found the 4S a bit heavy but the 5 is larger, thinner and lighter. Note sure if the SIII works on an LTE network or not but the 5 does and the web browser is faster than my desktop. I also love the seamless use of the 5 with iTunes. Went all out and bought the 64gb.

    That said, I find the screen is a bit small. That is where the SIII has an edge. When I am commuting on the train to work, I use my iPad so that takes care of the need for a larger screen for reading things like the morning paper.

    My bet is that you will be happy with either. Outstanding phones. Enjoy!
  • I had the iPhone 4 and switched to the Galaxy SIII about a month ago. It's definitely an adjustment but I love it so far! Thankful for my tech savvy teenage daughter to help me figure things out! Ha! :tongue:
  • fishgutzy
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    Or wait for the Galaxy S IV.

    I'm a Droid fan. Razr Maxx now. When I had a catastrophic impact with a tile floor, the SIMM card transferred all my apps to the replacement phone. I didn't have to reinstall any apps from PLAY, just a few from my Amazon cloud.
    Android over fruit any day. :bigsmile:
  • _binary_jester_
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    Or wait for the Galaxy S IV.

    I'm a Droid fan. Razr Maxx now. When I had a catastrophic impact with a tile floor, the SIMM card transferred all my apps to the replacement phone. I didn't have to reinstall any apps from PLAY, just a few from my Amazon cloud.
    Android over fruit any day. :bigsmile:
  • tigersword
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    S3 is better because

    Removable storage
    Way Better battery life
    Free or a lot cheaper apps
    Changeable themes
    cheaper accesories (waaaaaaaaay cheaper)

    Also, want to put a film or a song on to your phone?
    Plug phone in to computer, copy and paste to phone

    On Iphone its a lot more time consuming.
    Iphone 5 has beaten the S3 in every battery life test done so far. Also faster WiFi, and to transfer a movie you don't even need to plug your phone into the computer, you can transfer movies over WiFi, or also by using iCloud.