what do you do while working out?



  • Troll
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    I work out while i work out. what the heck kind of workout allows you to multitask?

  • sirthickness
    While lifting, it's got to be metal; \m/ 80's and 90's mostly. While doing cardio (elliptical or recumbent bike) I watch TV or DVD's.
  • iluvprettyshoes
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    Ok apparently I replied to this thread twice LOL. Maybe I worked out too hard today.Good thing I said basically the same thing both times.

    Uh oh this makes three times...sorry
  • petstorekitty
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    I think about sex the entire time. This should not shock anyone.

    lmao! Depends on the day but yeah... :D
  • shrinkingsusie
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    My workouts can be interrupted at anytime cause I have little kids so I try to get it done quick. When I hop on my elliptical, I don't use any entertainment. It's torture to watch the clock but I get a better calorie burn if I focus on the speed and intervals.

    Someday, I would like to get and Iphone and headphones for when I head to the gym.
  • PomegranatePriestess
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    It totally depends on the workout:
    Strength training: I am usually with a partner, so we are talking, mostly about the workout but also other things
    Walking with a friend: Listening/Talking
    Walking alone: Watching TV or listening to music
    Water Aerobics: Music is on in the background, sometimes I'm also talking to friends but paying attention to the instructor
    Yoga: Listening to instructor/paying attention to breathing/sometimes meditating if in corpse pose or similar
    Wii Boxing/Tennis/etc. I am fully engaged, nothing else
    Turbo Jam: Listening to the music and paying attention to the instructor
    Dancing: I am obviously listening to the music; occasionally I am also singing because I log band practice and performance as dancing as I am moving to the music as long as we're playing.

    I find it difficult to read while working out unless it's easy and quick, like a magazine, but that is rare.
  • petstorekitty
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    Fot me I love watching netflix on my iphone and read my kindle while working out. it passes time and I work out more! how about you guys?

    Listen to music mostly. When I'm well bored I will tell myself "5 more songs" and try my best to just enjoy the music.
    I do like to read while just walking on a treadmill but i haven't done this at my new gym - used to have a gym at my old apartment.

    Sometimes I have music on and I just zone out on a machine thinking about whatever: groceries, cats, people's hair styles I see at the gym....

    Phone Netflix seems like a great idea. I should see if I can get that to work on my stupid phone.
  • KatKisses
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    What do I do when I'm working out?.............

    Usually work out.

    me too
  • cmcollins001
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    I think about sex the entire time. This should not shock anyone.

  • Leadfoot_Lewis
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    Kind of a stupid question IMO (sorry!). When I work out that's what I'm there to do-WORK OUT. I always listen to my iPod to get in the "zone", but other than that, I like to keep my focus on what I'm there to do!
  • penrbrown
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    I... work out? When I work out...

    The most I'll do on top of that is listen to music?
  • GrannySparkle
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    I was hoping for an iPod for Christmas but money is too tight. So I simply walk and take in my surroundings. Once it gets colder, I plan on walking at the mall. So some window shopping.
  • fsutony
    i get so bored on the treadmill i have to watch espn everything else music on my ipod
  • kenazfehu
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    Is this a trick question?

    I think "slim-fit-flexible-strong" plus a lot of other things.
  • kenazfehu
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    I think about sex the entire time. This should not shock anyone.

    Ha - me too; I think "please no!"
  • agamy4
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    I watch Real Time with Bill Maher :)
  • gmpuggles
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    This is what I do:
    Weight Lifting: people watch and talk a little bit with my trainer while lifting weights
    Cardio machines: listen to my iPod
    Group classes: listen to the music and the instructor
  • meshashesha2012
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    umm really? i'm too busy working out to do anything else but workout

    i'm focusing on not letting the barbell fall on my head or not bust my head open when i'm sprinting and trip
    EBFNP Posts: 529 Member
    I usually watch the television at the gym or look at other people....
  • valluco75
    At home, Ill crank up the radio and jam out! Sometimes Ill break into a dance or hold a mini concert! At the gym Ill just workout like a boring SOB.