New here and needing support!

Hi my name is Cierra. I am a 27 year old mom of 2. I just had knee surgery in October and am really wanting to loose weight. It's hard because I just started therapy and can't exercise yet so I have to do it by diet alone for now. I really am in need of a support system.:smile:


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    Im new to
  • It's hard to hold yourself accountable. Being off work because of surgery I'm home all day and it's so easy to just get up walk into the kitchen and grab something. I found myself doing this and I know I'm not even hungry!
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    feel free to add me
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    you can add me :}
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    welcome to mfp! you can add me. :)
  • hi am new here too. do add me :) take care of that knee!
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    I had major abdominal surgery in October and am limited in what I can do physically...not much lifting. I know what it's like to be unable to work out. I am doing my wt. loss with diet alone. Please feel free to add me.
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    Feel free to add me. I am sorta new too and looking for like minded people with similar goals (an online support group so to speak) Losing the weight and getting healthier again.
  • feel free to add! :)
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    Hey, welcome to the site! I just want to say that you CAN do this by counting calories alone. I've lost 75 pounds and I haven't been to the gym this year. I'm not proud of that, but it's true. And I didn't starve myself either!

    Of course the ideal is to eat the right amount of calories and exercise, but don't wait for some perfect moment — jump in!
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    For all the newbies:

    I keep up with terms and acronyms here as there is not a dictionary or glossary provided by the staff.
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    If any of you haven't measured yet do it ASAP! It's all those small cm's that add up to amazing inches that keep me on track. I have only lost 20 lbs but, 38 inches total body measurements.