Do you have a bringalong/potluck specialty

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My sister is doing a bringalong dinner for Christmas Eve, and I was wondering what to make last week.

I called my sister and she said "well everybody just assumed you'd be bringing your pies, they're your specialty"
I've only brought them to one or two things but apparently they are "my thing" now. They are pulled pork and pear cider jaffle pies, and are easy to do so that cool with me, but I didn't realise I had a potluck specialty!

What about you? Do you have one?


  • FitBeto
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    Cheesecake cupcakes
    Strawberry Santas
    Oreo Blast Cake
    Gingerbread Homies
    Candy cane cut angel cake

    Edit to make sense: Usually one of these!
  • Mutant13
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    Ah strawberry Santas are one of my mums too! She and my sister are the sweet makers in the family!
  • ohnoetry
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    Deviled eggs or buffalo chicken dip.
  • RedHeadDevotchka
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    yes, I call them smashed potatoes. It's really just mashed potatoes. I boil them until I forgot about them, like an hour. Then they're nice and soft and I can smash them with a fork, add some low fat sour cream, 2% sharp cheddar cheese (it's lower in fat) garlic salt, some chopped up bacon and call it a day.
    They're easy to make, and actually not bad calorie wise, and they're delicious.
  • Mutant13
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    ^ sounds tasty!
  • Lrdoflamancha
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    Bacon wrapped prawns. If I am feeling generous then lasagne..
  • bowser625
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    Buffalo chicken dip

    1 roasted chicken broke into pieces
    1 16 oz. bottle of Ranch
    1 package of cream cheese
    Frank's Red Hot sauce (small bottle or more to your liking)

    Mix in a large bowl and top with shredded cheddar cheese
    Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
    Serve with tortilla chips or celery.
  • ze_hombre
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    My favorite before doing keto was chili con queso. Take one can of Hormel chili (no beans), one bar of cream cheese, a can of diced black olives, and some salsa. Heat in a pan until mixed, serve with chips or warm tortillas. Takes 5 minutes to make, and usually is a hit. Can't do it now though because of the chips. :(

    Another I recently made was deviled eggs with a slight twist. Instead of putting relish in them, I diced up green olives and added some bacon bits. Turned out really well, and they are keto friendly.
  • ze_hombre
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    Try proscuitto wrapped cantelope, too. Salty-sweet always goes well.
  • JanaCanada
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    Veggie Pizza

    1 can low-fat Pillsbury crescent rolls
    1 8 oz. block Philly Light cream cheese, cut into chunks
    1/4 c. Calorie Wise Miracle Whip (or something similar, like low-fat mayo)
    1 tsp. garlic salt
    1 T. dill weed
    chopped veggies (I use red pepper, broccoi, celery, and fresh mushroom slices)

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Beat cream cheese, Miracle Whip, garlic salt, and dill weed with electric mixer until smooth. Set aside.

    Spread crescent rolls on a cookie sheet and press to fit. Bake for 10 minutes or until nicely browned. Let cool.

    When crust is cool, spead on cream cheese mixture and decorate with chopped veggies. FInish with salt & pepper and cut into small squares.

    1 small (approx. 4" x 4") square equals approx. 70 calories.
  • elleloch
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    Pies are my specialty, too :) I can roll dough like a crazybiiiiitch.

    I am kinda known for cake balls.
  • RedHeadDevotchka
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    ^ sounds tasty!

    It totally is! And you can add parsley to make it look purdy and people will think you are some master chef when really you are just a lazy butt who is also, really. That's a big part of why I make these. Potatoes are cheap!
  • Mutant13
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    Some awesome meals on here!

    Before I became an adult with taste buds I used to being choc ripple cake to parties.

    It's literally just chocolate cookies sandwiched together into one big log with an entire can of whipped "cream" holding it together. Then you pour milo all over it and leave it in the fridge overnight so the cookies go soft. For shame.
  • wimeezer
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    My antipasto salad.

    Drained garbanzo beans, mozz pearls (or sticks cut up), black olives, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, scallions. Toss with a little vinaigrette. Colorful, easy and always a hit.
  • jlapey
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    cornbread dressing
    watergate salad

    but my family's favorite is my personal homemade version of Lemon Cooler Cookies.
  • funkyspunky872
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    Deviled eggs

    Ham rolls (Thinly sliced ham with a layer of cream cheese on top that is rolled up, cut into pieces, and served with a green stuffed olive on top with a toothpick)
  • pulled pork and pear cider jaffle pies

    ^ Sounds good! What is it? Do you have a recipe?

    My specialty is either Whopper Cake (my nieces demand it) or salmon and leek cupcakes.
  • I bring Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce...a recipe I found in Cooking Light many, many years ago. The Whiskey sauce is what makes it yummy.
  • MelisRunning
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    Stuffed grape leaves. I have a friend from Turkey who makes them for me. They are unusual and a huge hit.
  • freasabreze
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    My friends and family always want my sweet potato casserole