What foods are you cutting out to lose weight?

Are you cutting out all junk food, ex: pop, chips, fried food, sweets?
Or do you allow yourself certain things from time to time?


  • 55sc
    55sc Posts: 46 Member
    I am eating junky food less often, and less of it when I do.

    I am not cutting anything out entirely.
  • Iceman420
    Iceman420 Posts: 195
    I'm cutting out regular soda, chips, sweets and meat. A vegetarian diet is very tough at first, but it gets easier.
  • marie5282
    marie5282 Posts: 61 Member
    I am eating junky food less often, and less of it when I do.

    I am not cutting anything out entirely.

    ^^ this

    I already need to cut out gluten due to celiac disease. I'm not willing to cut out anything else from my diet. Everything in moderation. Though I do make sure that I get my fruits/veggies/protein/water in before I'll eat any treats.
  • purpleipod
    purpleipod Posts: 1,147 Member
    I eat whatever I feel like eating.
  • baja572
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  • exquisitecadavre
    I'm not cutting out anything completely, but I am cutting back on things such as cheese, cream sauces (I have a habit of getting those when I go out to eat), and portion size.

    I've tried cutting things out completely and I end up breaking horribly. xD
  • Duck_Puddle
    Duck_Puddle Posts: 3,237 Member
    Not cutting anything out completely. I can't imagine a life without cookies, so I have learned how to eat & live in a way that allows me to fit any food into my diet. Now THAT I can live with.
  • liltenji
    liltenji Posts: 69 Member
    I have cut down on cheese massively but will still have it from time to time.

    I have pretty much cut out sliced bread but i will have it on very rare occasions. I've replaced it with crackerbread and tortillas but honestly i dont like the way bread makes me feel so i try to avoid it. unless im eating something crap like a bacon sandwich or pizza where the badness wont bother me so much cause its not a good food to begin with. but in my mind i dont want to ruin lunch by having a sandwich i would rather have the filling with a salad.

    i have soya butter aswell instead now and eat alot more vegetarian options with my fella. Veggie sausages are much better for you than regular meat ones.
  • loneworg
    loneworg Posts: 342 Member
    I eat whatever I feel like eating.
    this^^^^ i chose to eat what i want in moderation and guess what? im still losing. why deprive your self when you dont have to?
  • Skratchie
    Skratchie Posts: 131 Member
    I cut out regular sodas. Other than that, I eat what I want.
  • deevatude
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  • otrlynn
    otrlynn Posts: 273 Member
    Well, technically I haven't cut out anything but I eat much, much less in the way of "empty carbs" (candy, cookies, pretzels). I haven't had a Mickey D's burger or french fries for 6 months, but I suppose that I would eat it if I was on the road and that was the only option. The thing is that I'd much rather "spend" my calories on larger quantities of healthy food than small quantities of refined carbs. Also, I have not cut out drinking wine with dinner, but I do it less often, and it has to fit within my calorie goal.
  • concordancia
    concordancia Posts: 5,320 Member
    I have not cut out anything, I have just drastically shifted the base of my diet towards fresh veggies, fruits, meats and nuts, with a few whole grains thrown in.

    That being said, I haven't stopped at McD's since before Christmas.
  • culuriel
    culuriel Posts: 11 Member
    Haven't had any soda. Besides that, any treat I used to have I eat in much smaller portions, and usually only on workout days. The continuity does wonders.
  • whitesox56
    Fast food and Pepsi KILLED ME my entire adult life. When I lost 110 lbs, I went from drinking three cases of Pepsi in two weeks to drinking maybe four cans in two weeks. I almost completely cut out fast food and I went from 410 lbs from August 2010 to 300 lbs in September 2011.
  • Mountain_woman
    Mountain_woman Posts: 229 Member
    I've cut down on pasta and bread. I've recently restarted after success and then a year long lapse that put 45lbs back on. Its been about 2 weeks and I'm already feeling better. It makes me ask why ever did I stop! (But I think that's a pondering for another thread.) I still occasionally eat the pastas or breads, but frankly, even with upping my water consumption to try and counteract the bloating I experience with those two things, I find it not worth the consumption. I will eat pasta or bread and my hands swell and all my rings are tight the next day. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I have an intolerance or something, but everything feels tight and I feel sluggish after I eat say, a big serving of ravioli or a bready sandwich. I've started adding in veggie based smoothies which help cut back my urge to graze on 'fun foods'. I live in a house with many different people so I don't have absolute control over every scrap of food that enters the kitchen. But if I tell myself that I need to get in at least 2 fruits and 2 whole veggie servings a day I definately see a better result in my caloric numbers, with a better mental level of satiation. Plus I feel proud that I exerted control to make better decisions. I still have fun stuff occasionally, but try to keep it at a minimum because I have a tendency to just adopt an all-or-nothing attitude and go to town on sweets. Good luck on your journey!
  • BeckyLF05
    BeckyLF05 Posts: 115 Member
    Once I realized the majority of my calories were coming from Coca Cola & Sweet Tea, I cut them waaaaay back.
  • jennaworksout
    jennaworksout Posts: 1,739 Member
    dairy, sugar , peanut butter!
  • Akdn
    Akdn Posts: 121 Member
    I've cut out ordering in pizza, pop and chips. Those are my real weaknesses. With hockey starting back up this is going to be a real challenge for me =(
  • 1KiwiChick
    1KiwiChick Posts: 479 Member
    HI, when i started 18mths ago i cut out alot of fat and reduced my sugar?carbs while upping my fruit and vege. 3 mths ago i cut out sugar completely and reintroduced natural fats (pure butter ,fat on meat (if and when i can stand it) whole grain/brown carbs , less friut avoiding high sugar fruits .water around 6-8 glasses a day right through. New change has done wonders!