My 60 pound journey with many pics along the way



  • Queenb1212
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    WTG!! You look fabulous!
  • thenewleda
    thenewleda Posts: 28 Member
    Thank you very much everyone, your success stories are an inspiration to me as well!

    Also, I forgot to say... I fit into my wedding dress again. :)

  • adenium11
    adenium11 Posts: 173 Member
    Gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing! Such an inspiriation! When Im having a bad day its great to come here and see that bad days happen but we continue and succeed!
  • madamecj82
    madamecj82 Posts: 207 Member
    Love it! You look GREAT! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  • DenverGirl93
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    you look at least 10 years younger! congrats!
  • That was inspiring. Great job!
  • tererob
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    You look awesome!
  • flowerfreak2
    flowerfreak2 Posts: 7 Member
    Awesome job. I love the list of what weight is compared to. I am trying to lose approx. 10% as a goal for now. SO that would be a sperm whales brain I think. I laughed when I saw what your 60 lbs equals. LOL Keep up the great work. Love the dress you have in the last pic.
  • cmack01
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    Great job, you look awesome.
  • FutureSkinnyMama03
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    Thank you for sharing your story! Very inspiring! :)
  • cebelton
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    Thank you for sharing! For some reason I'm struggling today more than most so I went in search of some motivation and found it with your pics. You reminded me that if I just stick to it - it is possible. So thanks, you helped a girl out!!
  • Crochetluvr
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    Bravo and congratulations!!! Continued success!!
  • TerriAnne53
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    wow. what a transformation. you look amazing and so very happy. fantastic determination. congatulations on your success. thank you for sharing. we all can see that it can be done.
  • DannielleMM
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    You look really strong, and muscular as well. Great job!!!
  • Kurrupt1922
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    WTG..........YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! :flowerforyou:
  • MrsDrk
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    Great job! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bathing suit btw :)
  • jquarequio
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    you look fantastic...great job
  • molle76
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    Awesome!!!! Congrats!!!
  • Cmg7664
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    You look FABULOUS.....
  • Good job you look amazing. I have shoulder envy!!!!