I feel like a new person (pictures included)



  • natalienora
    natalienora Posts: 67 Member
    Wow, you do look like a new person. Truly amazing. Good job! But I am sure you did not get that body from JUST changing your eating habits. What type of workouts were/are you doing?

    Thank you so much! Definitely was a combination of eating healthy and working out. I am going to C&P what I mentioned to someone else on here about my workouts:

    For my workouts, I've been doing high intensity cardio about 3x/week and strength training 2-3x a week. I switch between P90x, Insanity, Zumba, and Billy Blanks dvds. I try not to do the same workouts in the same week so my body doesn't get used to it. I've also been trying to reduce my sodium intake because I had been retaining a lot of water. Still in trial & error mode but at least the scale is not going up! I hope that helps.
  • natalienora
    natalienora Posts: 67 Member
    You all are so kind. I truly appreciate your positive feedback. I hope to continue to see success stories from everyone on here. :)
  • eggsmilkbread
    eggsmilkbread Posts: 184 Member
    Oh my jesus you're freaking beautiful! This is probably the best progress I've ever seen. :blushing: I think I got a girl crush.
  • Synapze
    Synapze Posts: 499
    Inspiration! Great Work!
  • Mrder37
    Mrder37 Posts: 904
    Well done you looked nice before but now you look wow so online hi five for a job well done
  • BigJza
    BigJza Posts: 116 Member
    awesome work!
  • happyheart15
    happyheart15 Posts: 383 Member
    You look amazing!
  • witchy_wife
    witchy_wife Posts: 792 Member
    You look totally amazing!
  • 2013sk
    2013sk Posts: 1,318 Member
    You look amazing!!! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
  • charz13
    charz13 Posts: 16 Member
    Well done Hun, approx 30kg (sorry I'm from Australia) is a huge effort. Thank you for the inspiration as 30kg is my goal I know it won't happen over night, I eat well, gym classes three times a week and weight training three times a week also, with only a 1kg loss so far but more centimetres, this is a great eye opener that it is possible. So truly, thank you ;D
  • RosscoBoscko
    RosscoBoscko Posts: 632 Member
    Amazing transformation. Look totally different. Real inspiration for the rest of us on here.
  • andrea9873
    andrea9873 Posts: 171 Member
    great work and thank you for inspiring many! Keep up the great work!
  • TodayYesterday
    TodayYesterday Posts: 42 Member
    Fabulous! Your abs rock!
  • sparkylizzy
    sparkylizzy Posts: 11 Member
    :smile: i wish i could accomplish such an achievement!! i really want my tummy like yours !! are there any types of food to eat to achieve this?
  • bekahjk
    bekahjk Posts: 74 Member
    Wow! Such an incredible journey. You look amazing. You deserve it. All that hard work and determination paid off. Thanks for the inspiration.
  • sewerchick93
    sewerchick93 Posts: 1,440 Member
    Congratulations on all your hard work!! You look happy , healthy and just all around amazing!!!!!
  • ahartery9891
    ahartery9891 Posts: 139 Member
    Thats awesome! Congrats!
  • kimama01
    kimama01 Posts: 28 Member
    Thanks for the post. You look amazing.
  • purplecharm
    purplecharm Posts: 446 Member
    Awesome results. Congrats and I wish you continued success.
  • natalienora
    natalienora Posts: 67 Member
    I can't thank you all enough. The feedback that I've received is really keeping me going. I hope I can do the same for you. Feel free to message me/add me if you have any questions about what has worked for me.
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