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Your Goal Weight (especially for those with a lot to lose)



  • exquisitecadavre
    I'm 5'3 and 270lbs and I chose 150 because in undergrad I managed to get there and even though I was still technically "overweight," I felt good in the size 12/14. As I get closer to that mark, however, I plan on re-evaluating! =]
  • alleybabby2
    I think 200 is an awesome goal weight to start with. Like you said, you wouldn't necessarily stop there and that's what's important. Set a goal you know you can achieve and you'll be more likely to continue after that! I'm 5'9" and 163 and I feel awesome. I set my goal weight based on the Army weight standards. At age 22 and 5'9" the Army requires me to stay between 128-171. I can't imagine weighing any less than I do now, really. As long as I stay active and in shape, I have no problem with 163!

    So I definitely think your starter goal of 200 is perfect. Work it!
  • DawnieB1977
    DawnieB1977 Posts: 4,248 Member
    I'm 5'6 and was 220 just after my 2nd baby was born, and I'm now down to 163. My goal is 150. Firstly, this will put my BMI under 25. While I know BMI is a bit crap, I still want mine to be healthy. Secondly, I weighed 147 10 years ago, and this is close! Although I can now wear a lot of clothes I wore at 147, so I think if I get down to 150 I will be smaller than I was then. I didn't used to do strength training then, so I think I have more muscle which makes me weigh slightly more.
  • featherkiss
    I started at 410, am 5'6" and set my goal weight for 180.

    It was a weight where I stayed for some time in the past and felt good at. Now... that said, I was a good bit younger when I was that weight so I may never reach it. This doesn't concern me. My true goal is not some arbitrary number, my goal is a place where I feel good and can do all the things that I want to do.

    I figure once I hit 250 or so, I'll re-evaluate what number I may strive for.

    that my how We DO IT.....rock ON!
  • RumpusP
    RumpusP Posts: 163 Member
    I used to be very thin, and as I gained weight I got up to 140 and found that was the very best I'd ever felt health-wise and look-wise (at my lowest weight of 125 I looked sickly and was... my immune system was messing up from it).

    So, when I began losing weight that was the goal weight I had in mind... figured I'd get in that area and then work lower or stay there or whatever depending on what my body actually did around there.

    My doctor on the next appointment asked me if I'd set a goal weight, I told her and she looked up her charts and said that was perfect for my frame as a beginning goal as it was right on the upper border of a healthy BMI for me. That she agreed, get me to that area and adjust goal based on how my health and shape was.
  • sweetpea129
    sweetpea129 Posts: 755 Member
    Goal weight is something ive adjusted quite a few times now. I started at 277 lbs and i'm 5'5. Originally my goal was to get to 222, which was the lowest i weighed in college and didnt hate it. Then i got there and knew that i could do it. I realized that i picked that goal because it seemed attainable. If i would have started off looking at such a big goal i know i would have felt very overwhelmed and possibly quit. So then i changed my goal to 199, just because i hadn't seen my weight start the the number "1" in almost 15 years. Then i got there and said, well i want to be able to say that i've lost 100 lbs so my goal was set to 177. As i got closer, i realized that i wouldnt be happy there. I'm now at 172 and although i am much happier with my body than i've ever been and would be okay at this weight forever, i also know that im not completely happy and didnt come this far to "settle". Not that everyone is settling if they have this goal weight, its just settling for me because im not 100% happy. So now its set at 155. I have no idea if I will ultimately be happy there as I havnet been under 170 lbs since JUNIOR FREAKIN HIGH! UM, 1996. Yeah. No idea what I will look like. My sister is built like me (curvy, small waist, bigger hips, a butt) and shes 140 lbs. She looks good but too skinny for me. So i'm thinking 155 will be good. If not, i can always lose another 5-10.

    Anyways, i rambled but wanted to say GOOD LUCK! I think your 200 goal sounds awesome. If you're happy there then AWESOME. If not, theres nothing wrong with readjusting :)
  • aa62579
    I am 5'4" - 5'5" tall. I started out at 243.4 and my big goal weight is 175lbs. This will get me out of the obese categories and into overweight using the BMI charts. From there, I hope to be able to do more, but to not be considered obese would be a great accomplishment.

    In the meantime, each 10lbs is a bit of a mini-goal, and getting under 200 lbs will surely be something to be proud of. Leaving the scale out of it, getting out of plus sizes is my goal.
  • HartJames
    HartJames Posts: 789 Member
    I'm 5ft9 and my goal is 170 (I am busty and trying to account for muscle building in there as well).
  • kumanekochan
    kumanekochan Posts: 88 Member
    I chose a government standard but once i get close, I will see how my body is and talk to my personal doctor again about it. I have a big frame and I'm 5'10, so i know i'm going to be a little heavier than the gov't standard.
  • gpizzy
    gpizzy Posts: 171
    Hi! This is such a great question and something I am passionate to talk about.

    The recommended weights, from what I know (I'm not a doctor) are for your standard type individual. I personally think it's up to you to figure out where your best. For instance, I am considered obsese (230lbs at 5'8")...the lowest I've been since high school is about 189lbs. I feel strong and confident at that weight and could hang out there for quite awhile. Although it'd be nice to be within the recommended weights. Now, I'm 230lbs now like I said and all of my blood work and everything comes back that I am perfectly healthy, I am fit (I spin 2-3x per week, do yoga, run, etc). So, technically I'm healthy now. Just uncomfortable.

    You figure out where you feel the best and go with it!
  • poll09
    poll09 Posts: 549
    i would like to be 10stone
  • Jessymyn
    I'm 5'8"--weighed 138 just 2-1/2 short years ago until I made the decision to quit smoking.

    In that time, I've gained 47 pounds.

    My dream is to fit back into my size 7 jeans without having to resort to smoking to achieve it. <sigh>
  • concordancia
    concordancia Posts: 5,320 Member
    I chose about the middle of what the average chart says is a healthy weight for my height.

    With so much to lose, it is a very abstract goal for me. I am basing my rewards system on longevity - we are getting a Yonanas next month! All I have to do to earn it is to stick with the program, eating well, eating around my goal, and moving my body most days.
  • lovemitch125
    lovemitch125 Posts: 257 Member
    I'm 5'2. I started at 170. I chose my goal weight at 125 for now because my BMI would be in a very healthy range. I am at risk for some serious things, so I need to be thinner and healthier. I am ultimately shooting for a flat, tones stomach so honestly, idk where that will lie, i guess ill find out.
  • runningfataway
    I'm 5'7. I currently weigh 218/219, dropped to that from 242 (took me a long while)....Lost, gained, lost again.

    My ideal would be anything below 200. I really don't recall being any less than that in a long time. I guess I want to reach that out of vanity, and also to not be in the obese category anymore. I'd also like to go into law enforcement in the near future, and I know that I need to be atleast fit to get accepted.
  • CarmenSandiegoInVA
    CarmenSandiegoInVA Posts: 235 Member
    I'm 5'10" and my goal weight is 165. I started out on here at 344.4 pounds. And I have about 54-55 pounds to go. My ideal weight is also 160. But, I think 165 would be good. It's not overwhelming for me because I have broken it up into mini goals within that. My next goal is 20 pounds by june. that's around 5 pounds a month. I think it's do able. Though I'm someone who follows the eat more to weigh less lifestyle, and I lift heavy weights. I hope this helps.
  • ChancyW
    ChancyW Posts: 437 Member
    I am 5'4" so on the short side. My goal is 125 for now...I may go lower.

    I don't want to sell myself short by making a goal for myself that is still in the overweight range. If I'm doing this then I am going ALL THE WAY!!! I make mini goals along the way to keep myself motivated though.
  • dj_phx
    dj_phx Posts: 115 Member
    I chose my goal based on the smallest weight I was in High School, 160. Since I was always alittle over weight in high school it seems attainable, and I remember liking that weight the short time I was there. I spent most of High School at 170 and would probably be ok there too. We'll see when it happens, no one can really know until they get close, especially since your body changes over time.
  • aseymour13
    aseymour13 Posts: 766 Member
    I am 5'8" and started this at 194 lbs. My ultimate goal is 155 lbs. I am also 56 yrs old. There was a time when I was less than that but I was pretty active and fit when I was in the 150 - 155 range. I had hip replacement surgery a year ago so I'm still figuring out what I can and can't do to keep from stressing the hip (mostly restricted by some range of motion and pounding of the joint). I am also keeping an open mind for how I feel both physicially and mentally and will adjust if I need to. We're all in this together in some way or fashion!
  • angelams1019
    angelams1019 Posts: 1,102 Member
    I'm 5'6" and started out at 324

    Current Weight: 260

    Goal Weight: 175

    Good luck!! You can do it!!! :flowerforyou: