Is this only for Americans?!



  • KatyCrum6969
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    I prefer to be called a United Stater. Please dont lump me in with Canadians or Mexicans.

    What the F**k do you have against Canadians
    You're too damn polite!
  • kitza101
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    Australian! Fortunately that's not too confusing a term - unless somebody wants to tell me I'm actually from Austria, which sadly did happen to me on a trip to the US a few years back! ;)
  • paszekmonika
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    I prefer to be called a United Stater. Please dont lump me in with Canadians or Mexicans.

    Do you people have problem with them or what? Is this really such a big deal?

    I live in UK too:)
  • I am from Puerto Rico, american citizen. But we called ourselves Boricuas because Puerto Rico's first name was Borinquen.
  • boboff
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    Actually the UK is not England. It is Great Britain or England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales together.

    And yes, plenty of people from this side of the water.

    Jeesh, how did we ever let these people have independence? One mad king, Geroge 3rd and off they go talking about alooominum, eggs over easy, and the like when they should by rights be driving on the left and acknowledging the Queen as head of state while drinking tea and pink gin.

    You are wrong though.

    Its Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the Passport, so Great Britain is England, Scotland and Wales only.

    It's been 120 year since we had Ireland, oh and India, 220 years since we owned the East Coast of the USA, dam chaps ruined our Tea so they did.

    Also the United Kingdom is the term that is used more internationally now.

    I am Cornish though which is an Independent Country, our Saints Day, St Piran, is on 5th March, so will you celebrate have a pasty with me, then make a few promises to do something which you don't keep?
  • AmandaPandah
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  • Germany!!! :)

    I lived in the US for one year though and started using mfp there.
    But there are plenty of German foods in the data base, so I guess there are some more Germans that are using mfp than just me.
  • vixxxen88
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    I'm from Northern Ireland! Belfast to be exact :-)
  • JJordon
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    Mexico, is the United States of Mexico... officially.
  • Avason
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    I'm from the Netherlands!
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    HI im from uk - birmingham add me if you wish : )
  • I'm english haha
  • EvgeniZyntx
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    Mexican multi-cultural here living in Germany and France (20 years plus)

    There is a bit of chingon in this thread too.
  • Microfiber
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    I swear everyone on here is American? Anyone from England? lol

    I'm a Londoner :laugh: I also thought MFP was for the Americans when I first heard of it :laugh: but I've learnt a lot from our stateside brethren :happy:
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    Hello I'm English. A yellow-belly to be exact.
    I'm a stickler for good grammar and spelling, so friend me only if you can handle it.
    Most of my friends are from the uk, so we all log about the same time, and start our daily complain about the same time!
    I do have friends from the u.s as well, and they are educating me about food (mostly different and exciting ways to eat junk food!)
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    I'm welsh:). Living in Canada.
  • mytman
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    I am a kiwi and proud of it
  • Marion_
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    I'm from Paris, France, Europe ;) And I have English friends + people from France, Canada, Nz, etc

    I thought we said "Americans" - especially here in Europe - from the historical point of view of European immigrants going to "America". It's so funny that people from the US are offended by the fact they're called "Americans"! It's like the last straw of US-centrism lol

    BTW, when I hear "North American", I understand people from the US+Canada...

    And one last thing: I'm very glad to belong to the European Union, but it's a continent, not a country (different languages, different cultures, etc)
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    well they have the biggest problem, don't you think?
  • Carfoodel
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    One of the great things about this site is the diversity - I am Scottish (British too I guess) but I learn a lot from my other UK mates on here as well as Canadian, Australian and US/American (or whatever you want to call yourself) mates too - why does it need to be defined?