girls who carried weight in their bust b/a pics?



  • Justjamie0418
    Justjamie0418 Posts: 1,065 Member
    I was a 42F I am now a 36C (some c's are a little too small)
  • acidosaur
    acidosaur Posts: 295 Member
    It does vary where you lose from first. I've lost almost 40lb and my boobs are the last thing to go it seems!
  • karmahunger
    karmahunger Posts: 373 Member
    Thanks all!! I guess I'll find out in a few months what'll happen.
  • Koldnomore
    Koldnomore Posts: 1,613 Member
    There's some pics in my profile. I started at 40G, I'm down almost 50lbs and now about 38DD. I think the last pic in my profile I had squished them down into some 36DD and had a sports bra on too so they probably don't look it.

    At my smallest weight I have never been any less than DD/DDD so I don't anticipate I will lose a whole lot more. Possibly a couple band inches (which will make me go up in cup size again LOL)

    For me it was easy to figure it out because I have been smaller. You will lose in reverse order that you gained so if you gained a lot of boob with your weight you will likely lose most of it. Harder to tell for people who have never been a normal weight but genetics will generally dictate.
  • Roni_M
    Roni_M Posts: 717 Member
    I have only lost 11 pounds so far and have not seen a difference anywhere. I think I remember reading somewhere that not all cup sizes are created equal.

    For example the cup size of a 32DD will be smaller than the cup size of a 36DD. Not sure if this is true or not.

    I am hoping to lose some fat in my bust area too. I feel they are to large (36DD) for my 5 ft frame. With them that big no matter how much weight I lose I will probably never be comfortable in a skimpy top.

    This is true! The cup size is the depth of the cup (how far they "stick out" from the rib cage, 1" per cup size). The bigger the band the wider the cup so the more you need to fill it. I was a 40DDD and am now wearing a 36DD. The truth of the matter is the girls are about 2/3 the size they used to be. I accidentally grabbed a "before bra" that was in the back of the dresser and when I tried to put it on the huge difference was very apparent even though I am only down 1 cup size!

    This is also why some ladies go down in band size as they lose weight but the cup size goes up (they haven't lost any of the girls so require a deeper bra to hold the same size since the width has gotten smaller).

    ETA: my pics are in my profile
  • tjones0927
    tjones0927 Posts: 102 Member
    I was a 40 DD. -72lbs and I am a 32 B. I am having breast augmentation on the 14th of this month. I didn't mind losing some of my boobs but losing it all and becoming saggy has been very rough on my self esteem.
  • fotografe
    fotografe Posts: 11 Member
    It really depends on the composition of your breasts. If you have had a mammogram, the report describes the type and percentage of tissue you have. I, unfortunately, am almost all breast tissue. Losing back fat will bring the band size down, but the girls are going to be large no matter what. I suppose you can guess whether your breasts have a lot of fat by what they were like before the weight gain. I woke up at 16 with these things, and they are here to stay, unless I decide to visit a plastic surgeon.
  • MeeshyBW
    MeeshyBW Posts: 382 Member
    I've lost 30lbs and gone from 170lb to about 140lbs and have gone from a 36G to a 34F. My view is when I get to my goal weight, if I am not happy with their size, i will look into getting a breast reduction.

    I think us big boobed girls look a lot bigger than we truly are because of our rack. I'm only 5'3 and I'm convinced my boobs weight at least 6-8lbs.

    I have to respectfully disagree. If you are wearing the right clothing (and the right size bra), large breasts will help your waist look smaller.

    Trust me, I buy bras from Rigby and Peller at around £90-£120 a pop. My boobs make me look big - thats a fact. I am saying they make me look bigger than I am underneath it all - not that they are hanging low. They are actually in very good shape.
  • obwize
    obwize Posts: 102
    A while ago I lost about 20 pounds. Went from 34 H to 34 FF. My mom came to visit and kept staring at my chest saying my boobs were so small. So even if they don't get down to a B or C, there is hope!!!
  • Antjebeth08
    Antjebeth08 Posts: 42 Member
    A few years back I went from 180 ish to 140, then a while after that shot up to 204 and then to 170 and I'm busty too. Unfortunately, I didn't lose any boobage. I have had DD's since I was 14 and I doubt they're going anywhere! Some ladies just have pure boob LOL

    Exactly me. I went down from, 230 to now 160 ish and the only thing that changed was my band size. Still DD's.
  • toaster6
    toaster6 Posts: 703 Member
    How much you'll lose in boobage is a complete crap shoot . I know some women lose but for myself, my band size has gone down but not my cup size.
  • adamalle
    adamalle Posts: 88 Member
    Well this thread is disappointing :bigsmile:
  • TheRunningGuppy
    TheRunningGuppy Posts: 651 Member
    Currently in a 42 DDD, same as I was 19 lbs ago. I think I have genetics working against me. Every female in my family is busty (except my mom for some odd reason).
  • brynnsmom
    brynnsmom Posts: 945 Member
    No pics, but I was about thirty pounds heavier when I graduated high school. Went from a 36DD to a 34C.
  • Why would you want to lose boobs??? :cry:
    I love mine, every puond I lose I measure them to make sure they are not going anywhere....
  • riskiestlavonn
    riskiestlavonn Posts: 207 Member
  • Rikki007s
    Rikki007s Posts: 102 Member
    I've lost a lot of weight over the years ( going for a little over 200lbs to 135 lbs today). When I was heavier I wore a 38DD and have shrank all the way down to a 34B. I don't know how common that is, but I lost a lot ( too much!) up there.
  • meghan6867
    meghan6867 Posts: 388 Member
    I've always been a chesty girl, but after losing more than 50 lbs... I can finally wear a strapless dress!

    Before: 1-1_zps43172a9d.jpg
    197 lbs, July 2011

    145 lbs, today

    * I should note: I started at a 40D and I'm now 32D. Cup size is the same, my band size just decreased quite a bit.
  • Beckyloo80
    Beckyloo80 Posts: 1,088 Member
    The before picture you can see that I was quite heavy chested. A 36 DD..... in the after I am 36 D. you can see how the work out bra fits me differently. I have lost 42 lbs... starting at 184 and now 141.


  • cmeiron
    cmeiron Posts: 1,599 Member
    I've lost 34 pounds and possibly half of it was boob, lol. You can check my profile pics - I went from a DD to ... I'm actually not sure right now. Two months ago I fit in a B but I'm pretty sure I could fit in an A now. JOY :bigsmile:
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