30 day squat challenge



  • jenniferswooten
    jenniferswooten Posts: 137 Member
    Day 5- 70 squats including; prisoner, jump, sumo, and regular...DONE!
  • cicisiam
    cicisiam Posts: 491 Member
    70 squats completed
  • apittmanrn
    apittmanrn Posts: 200 Member
    Day 5- 70 squats done.
  • rhonifit
    rhonifit Posts: 17
    70 Done Yayyy :D
  • brenperez18
    brenperez18 Posts: 48 Member
    Haven't posted, but days 1-5 completed!
  • lynda3y9
    lynda3y9 Posts: 62 Member
    70 done and feeling it!
  • drskv
    drskv Posts: 2
    i am in....starting today
  • Absonthebrain
    Absonthebrain Posts: 587 Member
    Day 1-50 squats
    Day 2-55 squats
    Day 3-60 squats
    Day 4-Rest
    Day 5-70 squats
    Day 6-75 squats
    Day 7-80 squats
    Day 8-Rest
    Day 9-100 squats
    Day 10-105 squats
    Day 11-110 squats
    Day 12-Rest
    Day 13-130 squats
    Day 14-135 squats
    Day 15- 140 squats
    Day 16-Rest
    Day 17-150 squats
    Day 18- 155 squats
    Day 19- 160 squats
    Day 20-Rest
    Day 21- 180 squats
    Day 22- 185 squats
    Day 23- 190 squats
    Day 24-Rest
    Day 25- 220 squats
    Day 26- 225 squats
    Day 27- 230 squats
    Day 28-Rest
    Day 29- 240 squats
    Day 30- 250 squats

    Days 1-3 and 5 complete!!! :)
  • tjsoccermom
    tjsoccermom Posts: 500 Member
    Day late posting, did my 70 squats yesterday, tried the curtsy squat but just didn't feel comfortable doing it so did regular squats with a 10 lb kettleball.
  • Cathymitz
    Cathymitz Posts: 29 Member
    day 6 done----75 squats
  • All4Tris
    All4Tris Posts: 215 Member
    I'm late but, I'm in this challenge. I've done at least 100 squats on the 4th and the 5th so I'll just start with today's goal of 75! I'll be back to post when I've completed Day 6 and I'll be using 15 lb weights!
  • CheekyRunner
    CheekyRunner Posts: 105 Member
    75 squats today! :sick:
  • 1RareJewel
    1RareJewel Posts: 440 Member
    I'm in
  • bcattoes
    bcattoes Posts: 17,301 Member
    Where do we find out what kind of squat we are doing each day, yesterday I saw a post that said today is the Curtsy Squat....I can't find that post now. Is there somewhere central to look for the new challenge? I am new to MFP and don't know all the in's and outs yet!

    It's in the 30 day squat challenge group. You need to go to groups first, then to the challenge threads.
  • renaegry
    renaegry Posts: 1,249 Member
    Just saw this post, Would love to jump in and join. Will even try to catch up on the squats from day 1-4.
  • Sign me up!!
  • I'll give it a try. today will be my "day 1".
  • I just joined MyFitnesspall and am just seeing this challange but will start today. Should I start with day 6 or day 1. Squats have always been my biggest challenge. I always get nervous about my knees. Also are you doing all of them at once or throughout the day? Please let me know! Thanks so much!!!
  • renaegry
    renaegry Posts: 1,249 Member
    Completed Day 1 so far today. Will try to do Day 2 this evening as well to help get caught up.