What's the most random thing you've heard a little kid say ?



  • Lesa_Sass
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    Neighbors 9 year old about his new puppy.

    Its okay if she licks HER private parts but its not okay if she licks OUR private parts.

    I almost fell on the floor but I had to remain still and silent because he is the type to get upset at me laughing at him.
  • AbbyCar
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    My daughter was six and drew a picture of what looked liked Santa, walking on a platform with some sort of fishing pole hanging above him(the line was dangling in front of his face). I said, "Oh is that Santa". "No mom, that's a dwarf on a treadmill". "Oh! Well, what's this thing(pointing to the fishing pole)?" "That's a fishing pole with a sausage on the end. It makes them run faster."
  • pawnstarNate
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    my 6 yr old has had a few lately.....one, my brother in law was talking about quitting his smokeless tobacco habit. My lil one said to him "it would be easy to quit....just don't buy anymore" (she's a smart one..lol)

    also during her first ever Brain Freeze....she yells out, "my brain is freezing, hurry n get me a hot pack"
  • When my now 25-year-old niece was 3 or 4, I took her to a petting zoo. She asked if the donkey was growing an extra leg? Maybe not random (as it appeared he was) but had all the adults within ear shot in hysterics.
  • Linli_Anne
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    Oh I have so many.

    When our daughter was newly potty trained she knocked on the bathroom door while my husband was inside:

    Her: Daddy, are you peeing?
    Him: Yes, I'll be out in a minute.
    Her; Daddy?
    Him: Yes?
    Her: Don't forget to hold it with both hands.

    Again, when our daughter was almost 3, her brother was standing on the dock without a diaper on and she replied: I can see your pee-nuts. PEANUTS.....peanut butter, and jelly.

    My son, at the tender age of 3

    Son: Mommy, I love you.
    Me: I love you too baby.
    Son: Mommy, I love your boobies.
    Me: speechless
  • kaitlink9
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    I was babysitting this little almost three year old. We were watching Sleeping Beauty.. She talks to herself on a regualar basis, and while we were watching the movie she goes, "Green strawberries are greeeeeeeeeen... But red strawberries are ready to eat. They are juicy, and tasty and I like them!"
    Cutest. Thing. Ever.
  • sally_jeffswife
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    Just today my 5 yr old wanted to try my kettlebell when I was done doing kettlenetics and she said "Victory is Mine"...I just about died laughing but she was super cute
  • PamelaGatorMom
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    Son (when he was 8): Momma, why did you had to have surgery (just after my hysterectomy)
    Me: because I wanted you to be my baby forever & and now I won’t have any more
    Son: Mom, I know why your REALLLLLY had the surgery!
    Me: Why?
    Son: You know mom, so you and dad can do that thing y’all like to do without getting pregnant!
    I almost died laughing!
  • Midnight_Sunshine
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    i asked my mom once (in front of a crowd of people in a furniture showroom) what a *kitten* was.

    I asked my mom really loudly in a store what once BSTL meant
  • NKF92879
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    "You're pretty. I love you." (younger sister of one of my students)
  • DawnieB1977
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    I was holding my grandaughter this weekend (3 yrs old). She hugged me and said "I'm gonna squish you like a tater tot."

    That is so sweet!

    My son when he was 4 "Mmmmm, I love rum!!" We were in the liquor store. :frown:

    lol when my son was 2 we walked past an off licence and he pointed at the display and shouted 'wine wine'.
  • fbmandy55
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    My son on a late night car ride, out of dead silence says, "China people are weird, they speak Spanish.."

    With his speech though it came out as "china people are weird, they steek stanish."

    No idea where that came from.
  • When my son was young, a repairman came to fix our TV. This was back in the 70's when you called a TV repairman. The guy had real long hair tied back in a ponytail. Like I said...back in the 70's. My son kept saying, Mommy what is that lady doing with our TV? As quiet as I could, I told him it was a guy not a lady. He took another look at his hair, and asked again what was the lady doing with the TV. The things that come out of a little one's mouth! :bigsmile:
  • DawnieB1977
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    That he loves his WIFE (him and her are both 4 years old and they say they're married)

    We went to a wedding in August and my son (he was 3 in the June) kept saying 'but I don't want to get married'.

    The other day he was pointing to the church near where we live and telling his sister 'that's where mummy and daddy got married. Maya, do you want to get married. Maya's getting married mummy' (she's 1).

    A few weeks ago he had a little gingerbread man in a café and he pointed at the icing buttons on it and said 'it's got nipples mummy'.
  • capnrus789
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    At my sons old daycare center and little 3 or 4 year old was having a grumpy day. A very grumpy day. I walked in to pick up my son as she was trying to get him to come back to the rest of the group (he left fo rsome reason). He yelled at the top of his lungs "F*** YOU!!!!" Entire building heard it, maybe even some folks outside. Ridiculous.
  • pookahbot
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    My daughter and her best friend were in the backseat of the car. They were probably 5 and 6 at the time, and it was near Lent. My daughter (who goes to Catholic school) was talking about her religion class, and asked her friend if they had religion. She replied "No, but we got donuts last Friday!" Best child one-liner of all time.
  • flyingwrite
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    Overheard in a public restroom: Clapping followed by "Good job, Mommy! You went poo poo in the potty like a big girl!"

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • scarywordlikediet
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    My 9 year old boy, when he was 2 1/2, while pushing him in the cart at Walmart, turned down the bra aisle and he started looking around and yelled,

  • dj_phx
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    When my niece was about 6 she was playing with her then 3 year old bother and they came out of the room they playing in with my nephew in dressed in her little mermaid dress from Halloween. The best part was she was wearing a shirt that said "I didn't do it". I was lucky I had a camera, some of the cutest pictures I have.
  • I just thought of some more! This comes from my three year old cousin after he was put in time out for dragging his baby brother around the house...

    (talking to his Elf on the Shelf) "Look, Elf, I know you talk to Santa. I want you to tell him that I'm sorry for what I did, but I can't help it that I want to do bad things sometimes. You can also tell him that Mommy is mean and she deserves dirt for Christmas."

    And this is the same child, while watching his mom setting up a mouse trap in the basement...

    "Mommy, what is going to happen to the mouse when you catch it?"
    "This trap won't hurt him, see? He just goes inside and then Mommy and Daddy will release him out in the woods."
    "Oh...Grandpa said he's gonna turn upside down and never walk again. I think we should get some of those traps."