Comparison Pics!



  • rjobel
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    Wow!!! What a transformation!!! Congrats :)
    I love seeing everyone's progress, and I haven't seen a new thread for comparison pics in a while so I thought I would start another one!

    Here we go...please share your comparison pics!

  • rbeckner711
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    These pictures are so inspiring. Like someone else posted, I got tears looking at these. It's nice to know it's possible.
  • keegalie
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    Wow! Great job guys, everyone looks amazing! Gives me the inspiration to keep going : )
  • misskerouac
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    twenty pounds down. from 220ish to 199!

    I just wanted to say you are flipping adorable.
    Great work!
  • HappilyLifts
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    You're all amazing! Love starting my day seeing successes!
    Here's mine, from 2007 to 2010 to 2013. Jogger to fat to gym fit :smile:
  • sandi117
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    Left: January - 210, BF% = 37.8%? (guestimated since I didn't start really taking and tracking my measurements till a month ago.)

    Right: Yesterday - 185, BF% = 29.8%

    For the first time in 2 years I'm the weight my driver's license says I am.
  • postrockandcats
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    Everyone has done an amazing job! These are the best threads :)

    Here's mine! I'm 240 in the flowered thingy and 185 in the green shirt. I'm 5'8, for the curious.

  • kg047
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    Congrats on your weight loss! You look great! Continued success in all of your endeavors. You should be PROUD!!!
  • RosscoBoscko
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    Long way to go still but here's my change between now and 2011.

  • keyariloses
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    This thread is so motivational! just what I needed! One day I WILL be posting my story here, definitely!
  • dough21
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  • Ashley_Panda
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    Had to resize the picture!


  • victoria090
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    holy crap!! are you even the same person!?!?!? unreal!!!
  • agadoogirl
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    You look fantastic! Everyone has done such a great job
  • CorvusCorax77
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    height 5'4"

    before at 174 lbs


    current at 136 lbs



    ETA a bikini front shot for comparison:


    sorry it's cut off but I'm not putting a pic of my gorgeous baby boy on the interwebs :)
  • andreae13
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    Here is my before picture 323lbs Mother's Day 2010 (I'm the one on the left, if you can't tell). Didn't really start my journey until January 2011 though.


    Here is my most current picture at 186lbs on Valentine's Day. Still have about 20lbs more to go but I am VERY happy with were I am at and the things I can now do with my fit, strong, healthy body!

  • SheriBethB
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    Height 5'6
    SW: 320 (Highest I saw on the scale, may have been a bit more. Who knows.)
    CW: 240

  • cangel81603
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    15lb difference
  • beforeandafter2.jpg

    I was 213 lbs and decided to lose weight. It took 7 months to lose 65lbs and 2 months of working out (147lbs) to gain 15lbs of muscle back to be 162. Still a work in progress though.
  • Needed to resize them