Comparison Pics!



  • AdrieneJ
    AdrieneJ Posts: 141 Member
    Y'all look great!


    Left is 190 pounds, center is 182 pounds and right is 172 pounds. I have since lost about 4 pounds and am still a work in progress.

    Awesome work! And also, I like those shorts. :)
  • AdrieneJ
    AdrieneJ Posts: 141 Member
    Hey guys! I started at over 200 pounds, and after a year and a half, I've managed to get down to 145. There was a lot of effort and learning, and for around 4 months of those I lost my way, but I'm in this to win it. I'm hoping to be in the 130's by may, but I'm losing a lot slower now so I don't know if that will happen. At any rate, here are my comparisons!

    I incorporated weight training a month or so ago, and ever since then I look a lot more sleek.

    Weight training is really amazing, isn't it? You are looking awesome. I admire anyone who has nice round hips like yours. :)
  • AdrieneJ
    AdrieneJ Posts: 141 Member

    twenty pounds down. from 220ish to 199!

    I just wanted to say you are flipping adorable.
    Great work!

    Agreed. So cute. :)
  • AdrieneJ
    AdrieneJ Posts: 141 Member
    I posted this about a month ago, but I'm happy to say I've been maintaining my weight since then.

  • monstergirl14
    monstergirl14 Posts: 345 Member
    You look fantastic!!!
  • FitSuga
    FitSuga Posts: 262 Member



    Still a work in progress. I'm focusing on reducing my bodyfat % .
  • avrobin03
    avrobin03 Posts: 135 Member
  • JessicaPiche89
    JessicaPiche89 Posts: 59 Member
    My most recent one is my profile picture. :)
  • You look absolutely fantastic.
  • themommie
    themommie Posts: 4,984 Member
    about a month before i started MFP in July in 2010 I am the one in the red top

    this was taken about 4 mths ago I have lost about 10 more lbs since then
  • haley255
    haley255 Posts: 117 Member
    ^great job!
  • LinDiSm26262
    LinDiSm26262 Posts: 234 Member
    Great job Everyone! Here's my pics


    You look amazing! Congrats!!
  • jaygissella
    jaygissella Posts: 6 Member

    Height: 5'10"
    Starting Weight: 234lbs
    Current Weight: 194lbs
    Goal Weight: 165lbs
  • cmccoy0901
    cmccoy0901 Posts: 156 Member
    amazing job you all are definitely an inspiration! :happy:
  • kms1320
    kms1320 Posts: 599 Member
    This took me 7 months:

  • ZTazlor
    ZTazlor Posts: 65 Member
    Ah-Mazing work to all who have posted. Absolutely fabulous transformations!! :)
    Such inspirations.
  • gonzal15
    gonzal15 Posts: 11 Member
    great job
  • sangeyvang
    sangeyvang Posts: 182
    This took me 7 months:

    wow! great results!
  • AdrieneJ
    AdrieneJ Posts: 141 Member
    This took me 7 months:

    Holy smokes, you're a different person! Well done!
  • Here is mine :)
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