Hey Appleheads! Which apple is best?



  • ApexLeader
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    i'm a big fan of gala apples
  • Mimisam45
    Mimisam45 Posts: 132 Member
    Braburn :)
    Ditto, braburn!!! Because they are always consistent in taste and texture!! The others seem to "change" depending on the time of year when I get them.
  • Foxxy18
    Foxxy18 Posts: 119 Member
    Granny Smith/Pink Ladies :heart:
  • kharper85
    kharper85 Posts: 44 Member
    Honeycrisp for sure!
  • Julettashane
    Julettashane Posts: 723 Member
    Granny Smith dipped in caramel or peanut butter!!!
  • rdpage90
    rdpage90 Posts: 13
    Gotta be the Granny Smiths
  • Psyb3r
    Psyb3r Posts: 176 Member
    Fuji then Granny Smith :smile: I love apples!!!

    I especially like dried ones(no sugar added of course) with cinnamon on them!
  • Cox apples ftw dipped in peanut butter :O
  • TiffersStr1
    TiffersStr1 Posts: 67 Member
    #1 Gala
    #2 Braeburn
    #3 Jazz
    #4 Granny Smith
  • shaleyn
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  • Tonnina
    Tonnina Posts: 979 Member
    Gala and Honeycrisp as well as pink lady apples are all my favorite...
  • hmm, its a hard toss up between fuji (my standard go-to apple) honeycrisp and pink lady. my hubby likes golden delicious best.

    I am not too sure about any differences between them nutritionally.
  • KarinaGeneva
    KarinaGeneva Posts: 21 Member
    There's one apple that -- for eating purposes at least -- puts all other apples in the dust. It's the hands-down winner by far and I'm shocked no one has mentioned it. Maybe because it's only available early in the season in the fall. The Macoun. Yum. Perfect combination of tart and sweet, nice crisp texture, juicy .... Best eating apple there is. Period.
  • jbutterflye
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    I keep coming back to Fuji. It's not the most glamorous looking apple in the world, but it's crisp and juicy and delicious.
  • emilypink573
    emilypink573 Posts: 132 Member
    I really like Fuji and Gala.
  • Gordo1981
    Gordo1981 Posts: 59 Member
    Personal Favorite is the Pink lady/Ambrosia kinds, I can eat a gala when it is in season. Next up the Granny Smith!
  • ekz13
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  • freshstart14
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    This is making me very sad.. I weirdly developed an apple allergy 2 years ago overnight. I used to eat an apple every day!
  • Jazz apples for sure!!!
    With a tangy-sweet taste and a loud crunch, the JAZZ apple is an exciting, all-natural fusion of the Royal Gala and Braeburn. One bite and you'll be hooked!:smile:

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  • Koholint
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    Empire apples are the best all-around apples. Because they were bred here in NY, they're plentiful, so I am spoiled. (:
    My husband has an allergy where certain raw fruits make his mouth very itchy. However, amazingly enough, empire apples are the only type of raw apples that don't cause his mouth to get itchy at all! Quite something...

    Second-best apple is the Cripps Pink (or Pink Lady to some.) So delicious with some red grapes and mild cheddar!

    Also... Am I the only one who thinks non-organic apples have very bitter skins? I've had to peel apples before eating them because their skins were too bitter. ):