Suffer in Silence? When Do You Talk About Your Diet???



  • allisonrozsa
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    I. Agree that it viewing it as a lifestyle change & not a diet will change the way you approach eating & the people around you. In my own life, those people who liked to talk about my weight or what I how I would look, I finally just went with bluntness and told them to stop talking about it. At first I tried to be gentle but for those that didn't get the hint that I didn't want to talk about it with them I finally just told them that if they brought it up I would change the subject. It helped me to let go of the whole process being just about weight & more about changing ky daily habits.
  • Athena53
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    Add me to the "not suffering" group. I try not to talk too much about what a pain it is that my pants are all baggy. (Not sure how much more I'll lose so I'm not investing too much in taking them all in till I'm done.) I'm doing 5:2 fasting and sometimes DH (who does the cooking) asks if I'm eating or not eating, but other than that I try not to make it a topic of conversation. My staff does know that I generally work through lunch and they can count on me disappearing to the company gym every afternoon.

    Today I'm going out to lunch with co-workers on a fast day and have already chosen a very low-cal item from the on-line menu. I once went to a McCormick and Schmick's (expensive steak house) for lunch on a fast day and had a salad as an appetizer and a serving of asparagus as a main dish. My boss is a health nut and a marathon runner, another guy is a vegetarian, one woman is gluten-free, etc. so my choices aren't a big deal.
  • lildee55
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    Diet is a four letter word. I do not consider myself to be on a diet, it is a way of life.

    ^ this is my feelings.
  • ami5000psu
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    I talk about my weight loss and workouts with a couple of friends that I know won't get bored with it. One friend has been discussing her "diets" and exercise routines and trials with Weight Watchers for years now. I figure it's payback. Another friend helps me with lifting plans and gives me advice on more serious questions. I unload all the crazy on my boyfriend after I "gain" three pounds over two days because of water retention or TOM. Other than that I try to limit how much I talk about it around other people because I know it gets boring.
  • beattie1
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    I dont avoid talking about it if topic comes up - but zealots who talk healthy eating in every sentence do tend to get a bit boring, so I try not to over do it.

    I'm with this poster. I try not to talk about it - certainly don't introduce the topic, and if it does come up, I try not to go on about it too much. I do tell anyone who seems interested about MFP & I use this site to keep myself in line and focused, I don't use friends for that.
  • cloud2011
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    I rarely talk about it. Most people haven't noticed my weight loss because it's been over a long period, and i have a long way to go. But, occasionally I will say something. I talk about it with my husband and kids. I try to enjoy what I'm eating and I have added more things (more greens and fruits) than taken away (some sweets, but I still indulge).
  • Lizzy622
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    If I was suffering then there is no way I would be silent (probably why diets don't work). I am also not DIETing. I eat what I want when I want but am more aware of portion size and what my body needs to perform at its best and of course log it all. There is no suffering and no reasaon to pout and say "oh, I can't eat that."
  • rowanwood
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    If I was suffering, I'd have to stop.

    I don't really talk about it, except to people I'm close with primarily because I'm not on a "diet." I'm changing my life. Sometimes its hard to learn a new habit and I get anxious, but I'm not suffering.

    Besides, I have a coworker who's always on a diet who shuffles around sniffing donuts and whining about how terrible her diet is, who never loses any weight and she sounds like an idiot to me. I have the donut and enjoy it and work out later to make up the difference. :)
  • beattie1
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    I don't talk about it either, since I don't consider that I'm on a "diet". I've made a healthy lifestyle change -- forever!! Diets imply that it's something short term, which most "diets" are. And then people say diets fail -- they don't. But when we go back to eating the way we did prior to the diet and gain back all the weight, WE are the ones that fail, not the diet! So this time, I'm not dieting. This is the way I will eat for the rest of my life. I don't believe in cutting out foods completely either. I've cut out some things for now, but only because alcohol and junk food are not daily "requirements" in sustaining health in my opinion.

    As for what you weigh or will weigh, that's nobody's business but your own! I don't get on the scale in front of other people, and I don't watch others get on the scale, so no one needs to know the number! It's my business only. When I'm happy with the number and how I look, I will stop losing weight and maintain that weight. If someone asks how much I've lost, I will share, but otherwise, they don't need to know the number!

    Agreed! Even my husband doesn't know how much I weigh, or how much I've EVER weighed! That's MY information.
  • bookworm_847
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    The only person I actually talk about it with (other than my fabulous MFP friends!) is my husband. That's only because I've learned over the years that I can't hide anything from him... he can read me like a book even when I try to keep something to myself. He's very supportive, but knows he can't answer all of my questions or give me the same kind of support someone who is also doing this can. I don't like to be braggy or whiny, so whether I'm having success or difficulties, I feel uncomfortable talking about it with most people.
  • mermaidme23
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    Thanks, folks! I was actually using “suffering” figuratively. I only meant by not talking about what you’re going through…dieting…changing eating habits…or otherwise….with your loved ones.
    I appreciate the input :o)
  • megsmom2
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    Suffer in silence? I'm not suffering! I eat well and am enjoying my exercise. Don't pay too much attention to what other people say. Listen...but do your own thing.