The girls are shrinking....

Needing smaller jeans rocks. Needing smaller bras does NOT rock. Band size, yes. Cup size, no.

I'm gonna miss my girls. :(


  • jillybaby86
    jillybaby86 Posts: 66 Member
    I feel yah :(
  • Shtallionchick14
    Shtallionchick14 Posts: 61 Member
    Totally understand. RIP bigger boobs. :(
  • Trueray
    Trueray Posts: 1,189 Member
    Its the nature of the beast.
  • STrooper
    STrooper Posts: 659 Member
    Its the nature of the beast.

    Its also the nature of the bReast.
  • ICOZA7
    ICOZA7 Posts: 33 Member
    YEAP. My chest has the biggest overall inch loss and I'm in despirate need of a bra that doesn't stand an inch off my chest.
  • tppchef
    tppchef Posts: 107 Member
    But do the headlights come on??? I'd take smaller any day over low beams!:drinker:
  • marcuscross104
    marcuscross104 Posts: 57 Member
    Ha! I don't know what yall are talking about! I will be ecstatic when my DD "moobs" are gone!

  • artistryrose
    artistryrose Posts: 84 Member
    Look at it this way.... If they're shrinking its because they were mostly fat. Losing fat is great!!! Do muscle workouts that work your pectorals and inner shoulder muscles!! This will help perk em up!!
    If you lay flat on your back legs bent, arms out like a T, and have a dumbbell in each hand, with a slight bend to your arms raise the weights up over your face and extend back down but don't touch the ground with your arms/hands. Do 12 reps, maybe 3 to 4 sets a day!!!!
    Healthy breasts are happy breasts! And when you reach your goal weight and feel great about yourself an your accomplishments, your not going to think about them, you're going to think, damn, I look good :) find positives in everything!!!
  • sarahsunshine1217
    sarahsunshine1217 Posts: 85 Member
    yeah it sucks... mine went down three sizes... just gotta learn to work it lol
  • alison590
    alison590 Posts: 61
    Mine too :( I had a breast augmentation about 1.5 years ago and have lost about 15 pounds since then. Have to get a re-do when I get to my ideal weight
  • bf43005
    bf43005 Posts: 287
    I had opposite, band size went down & cup size went up. I guess I couldn't really complain other they it's damn expensive to buy all new bras! LOL!!
  • JulesAlloggio
    JulesAlloggio Posts: 480 Member
    It happens.... Mine have shrunk too =(

    But think about it..the small they are, the more easier it is to build more muscle =)

    I for one am getting implants soon...can't wait! After the next baby of course... not for like 2 years.
  • dramallamaduck
    dramallamaduck Posts: 97 Member
    Speaking as a girl with DDDs, I'm pretty excited about the possibility of shrinkage...
  • ambernbarrier
    ambernbarrier Posts: 66 Member
    Lol I am gonna cut a flip when my 42 f breasts go down, though I have lost 2 sizes I may be a DDD gotta get measured. For me that is where most of my weight is :)
  • shosho420
    shosho420 Posts: 220 Member
    Are you kidding me? I have been a 38 DDD forever and it sucks. They won't ever VANISH. I want to be the 34 D I was in highschool. Much better then all that EXCESS i gained when I got fat. I don't really think you can go from DDD-F to like a B cup..At least I don't think.
  • rhonsal
    rhonsal Posts: 46 Member
    I feel your pain - didn't have a lot to start with, and now they are getting smaller it makes my muffin top look bigger lol

    Ah well - it's all in pursuit of a healthier future! :drinker:
  • KodAkuraMacKyen
    KodAkuraMacKyen Posts: 737 Member
    Yup, I hear ya. I went from a DD to now a B.
  • MsipiGRITS
    MsipiGRITS Posts: 128 Member
    My motto is to just buy some more!!! I'd rather have the smaller girls than the booty I was sportin! bwahahaha! :laugh:
  • shosho420
    shosho420 Posts: 220 Member
    Yup, I hear ya. I went from a DD to now a B.
    Yeah once all that weight is lost, a freaking boob lift is almost a must lol.
  • Luvmesumkenny
    Luvmesumkenny Posts: 779 Member
    I have nothing left.. and that's exactly why after I hit my goal weight I'm treating myself to a new pair of Twins
    ( . ) ( . )
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