Comparison pics = motivation. share yours..



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    great job!! I can see a huge difference!!! Doing amazing!!
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    Way to go
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    These are amazing!
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    profile pic! since jjuly 2012
  • Kandace_Riopel
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    Yo's (my fiancee, here as


    Before you say, I don't care if you preferred the way we looked before, this is our success and our goals, we don't trample on your garden, we ask the same.

    Don't hate on us please! :flowerforyou:

    how much do you work out each day to get such huge results in just 4 months?
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    Here is my progress between the 4th and the 18th of this month. On the 4th I weighed 11 stone 3 pounds and today I weigh 10 stone 6 so I'm really chuffed even though you can't really see much difference by the photos!
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    You guys are really a huge inspiration! i hope that soon i'll have better "after" picture..
    thats 3 years ago at 200 pounds.

    and thats few months ago at 165
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    I started out at about 195 but don't have many pics from then...
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    :flowerforyou: Awesome job~!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, keep up the great work, you are a great inspiration!! :heart:
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    I'm the guy on the left, bahahahahahaha

    259 lost, 107 left to lose

    Good Luck Everyone.....You Can Do It!!!

    TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-NINE?!?! That is AWESOME, congratulations!!!
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    Started at 213, I'm now at 178-180 depending on day :)
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    It has been a tough month and I have been struggling to stay motivated, but when I look back at how far I have come I know I cannot quit. Hence, I am dusting myself off and getting back up on that horse, lol (and hey at least now the horse won't buckle under my weight, haha). I am 35 years old, 5'5" and my starting weight was 280lbs, and I started my weightloss last March. My goal weight is 130lbs, and I am about 30ish away but I know I will get there :)

    Picture on the Left 270lbs (28 years old) and Picture on the Right 155lbs (35 years old).


    WOW! You look 10 years younger! Fantastic job! Keep up the excellent work!
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    great job!, your before pics are about like where I am now. We have a similar build. I had lost 20 lbs and gained it all back and this is a good reminder that that 20 lbs makes a big difference.
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    I'm the guy on the left, bahahahahahaha

    259 lost, 107 left to lose

    Good Luck Everyone.....You Can Do It!!!

    Awesome job! Keep up the good work, and thanks for the inspiration!
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    Woohoo!! Everyone looks great! Congrats!! Feeling super motivated!

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    Excellent job everyone! Here is a link to my post of my results so far
  • You all are such a motivation!!!! Can't wait to see my before and after pics!!!