Runners: Where to put phone?



  • maddymama
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    For short runs I have a SPI belt (and I added a Nathan's pocket)... I carry my phone, house key, ID, and dog mace (lots of crazy dogs in my neighborhood).
    For long runs, I have a Nathan belt with water bottles so I carry the above plus water.
  • LoosingMyLast15
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    I have a Samsung S3 (armband NOT an option LOL) and I'm going to be ditching my jacket soon. Any thoughts on where to keep it? Not taking it is NOT an option because I use the C25K app to know when to walk/run. I also use Endomondo fitness tracker, and finally all my songs are on it. Please keep in mind I'll have earbuds to contend with as well :) TIA

    sports bra - that's where mine goes.
  • demorelli
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  • jeffrodgers1
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    I put my Blackberry Z10 in a small snack size zip lock bag.

    Put the zip lock bag in my Camelbak. For shorter runs, I place it in my fuel belt alongside my supplements.

    Dry and safe.

  • NeverTooLateForChange
    NeverTooLateForChange Posts: 131 Member works great!
  • johnp1732
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    I can't believe it hasn't been said yet...

    Oh to be a phone for some of the posters here.

    was that wrong?
  • tzur21
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    bondi bands

    They make head bands, but they also make a great arm band that fits anything! I love it
  • LuckyLeprechaun
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    I got a strap to hold mine at ****'s Sporting Goods.
  • cappri
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    I just carry it? In my hand.... seems like an obvious solution to me.

    Me too!
  • pobalita
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    Amphipod hydration belt. You can customize it with bags for your food or phone, clips for your water bottles, clips for your race bibs, etc. I have several accessories which I put on depending on the length of my run. This belt NEVER slides or bounces. I aboslutely love it.
  • basillowe66
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    Make sure your shorts have pockets or an alternative is a belt of some sort with a pouch!!
  • Mcctin65
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    I'm a dork... fanny pack.
  • highervibes
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    I just carry it? In my hand.... seems like an obvious solution to me.

    Me too!

    I usually carry a bottle of water in hand. I do have one free but the water is annoying to carry as is.
  • Warchortle
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    I carry mine, but you can run it from a fanny pack.
  • CorvusCorax77
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    I just hold mine in my hand.
  • Warchortle
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  • HypersonicFitNess
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    Why isn't an arm band an option? I have the same type phone and I buy the universal arm band from WalMart...I will mention I had to sew on some extra Velcro because my arm isn't big enough....

    Oh also to note - is that I did see a clip for the same type phone for you pants...I was thinking of getting that for summer to keep from getting the big ol white mark on my arm. But I think they wanted $60 for it....which is why I bought the el cheapo one at WalMart for my arm.
  • weightloss12345678
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    There is a nice belt/pants clip for the S3 sold at best buy, i think it is made by Platinum or something
  • lacurandera1
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    I stick mine in my sports bra. This has ruined more than a few phones though.

    After I ruined my phone and my ipod, I bought a small bag I can wear diagonally across my chest like messenger bag style. I got it at dunhams for like 15 bucks. The strap is adjustable, so it doesn't bug me and bounce.
  • moonbaby12
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    I wear a north face stow n go sports bra. I have 3 and I love them. pricey but I have had 2 of them for years and they work great for holding an iphone and a key!