What's everyone's thoughts on 5 HOUR ENERGY ?



  • KaidaKantri
    It doesn't do anything for me. I'd rather do a redbull.
  • moonlili
    moonlili Posts: 3 Member
    Skip it. If you have to have a pick me up, and hate black coffee, look up Advocare's Spark drink. Approved by Olympics and the NFL...Red Bull, Monster and the like are soon to be recalled...the FDA only needs to collect "enough" data on bad side effects...not only do that have TONS of sugar, but other chemical ingredients that cause irregular heart beats, etc...that's the inside word I heard from a local EMT...
  • ljd0693
    ljd0693 Posts: 289 Member
    I have tried the extra strength one and it does ok, but they are expensive. Grocery store brand clones are out now and cost half the price.

    I still prefer buying something like Jack3D to give me a boost when I need it. Jack3D is one of the few things that works really well for me.
  • Lift_hard_eat_big
    Lift_hard_eat_big Posts: 2,278 Member
    I tried it once, didn't do much. False advertisement
  • demonlullaby
    demonlullaby Posts: 499 Member
    it works for me but makes my heart race and i feel all jittery! i don't recommend using it a lot only when you really need it. i only can really stand the taste of the grape or orange one!
  • DawnEH612
    DawnEH612 Posts: 574 Member
    Never had it, never will. Being active, working out and eating healthier gives me plenty of energy.
  • PikaKnight
    PikaKnight Posts: 34,971 Member
    I've used it and I have mix feelings about it. One bottle can last me 3 days because I don't drink even half of it a day. I really want to be able to function without any caffeine boosts like that, but I do have a few bottles on hand just in case.
  • docktorfokse
    docktorfokse Posts: 473 Member
    \Red Bull, Monster and the like are soon to be recalled.

    However, it always gets me how people say Monster has a ton of sugar. There's more than one type, and the Rehab just has 4-5 grams of sugar per can.

    Monster definitely gets me hyper, so I use it depending on how hard I want to work/play.
  • jennismagic
    jennismagic Posts: 243 Member
    Tried one when they first hit the market....not a fan. It tasted horrible, and it did nothing for me. I'd rather hit up Starbucks or eat nuts and dark chocolate to boost my energy.
  • AsaraFuriosa
    AsaraFuriosa Posts: 293 Member
    Personally, I struggle with chronic fatigue. I've pretty much taken some sort of energy supplement everyday for my entire life. Caffeine pills, coffee, energy drinks, all of it! Once I started my healthy lifestyle without pop and what not my energy level did get better. I still need a little caffeine sometimes so 1/2 a 5 hour is awesome. I might take the second half later that day or not at all. The regular kind ;-)
  • MinimalistShoeAddict
    MinimalistShoeAddict Posts: 1,946 Member
    I buy the generic version from Costco in bulk. For me its a nice alternative to Diet Soda and Sugar Free Redbull
  • Warchortle
    Warchortle Posts: 2,197 Member
    I rather take a multivitamin with b vitamins and just eat fruits, vegetables, and get some caffeine if I need it in than spend the money on supplement that's redundant. I like being able to separate my vitamins from my caffeine so it doesn't cause me to be reliant on it.
  • jillybean0123
    jillybean0123 Posts: 238 Member
    I use the grape extra strength variety probably more than I should. I call them my magic bullets. They help when I'm super sleep deprived and struggling through a shift at work or school. Its not something I would drink just because I like the taste, but it isn't awful. Tastes like dimetapp but sweeter to me. A bit too sweet but tolerable. What I like about it is I can feel when it hits me. Maybe its a placebo effect but I can feel the sudden rush. It doesn't make me want to go run laps around the building or anything but it does keep me from falling asleep.
  • Shadowknight137
    Shadowknight137 Posts: 1,243 Member
    Sounds like a company is trying to profit off taking away coffee.

    Alright. I need my pitchfork and torch.
  • 1ConcreteGirl
    1ConcreteGirl Posts: 3,677 Member
    Really? Because your photo leaves the impression that you are very familiar with it.
  • Cr01502
    Cr01502 Posts: 3,614 Member
    I've never had it before.

    Well it's good but if you're already on amphetamines I don't think it's going to have too much of an effect . . .
  • scottRN
    scottRN Posts: 14 Member
    I take one about once or twice a month during my 6th or so 12hr shift in a row at work.
  • Grubbmeister276
    Grubbmeister276 Posts: 13 Member
    When I drove an 18-wheeler in 2006-2009, I occasionally had to drive through the night. My body began to outright reject "Monster," because of it's harsh crash the next day or two, along with Striker capsules. I never purchased a Red Bull, so I cannot compare it (and Coke's "Full Throttle" was "full sputter" for me...Zzzzz). Another driver finally told me about 5-hour Energy, and for me, it worked exactly as advertised--I would use it to "spike" Sobe and Glaceau's "energy" choices, and it would give them the spark that allowed me to make it through the night, just sipping a little at a time, as needed. It did not erase the need for sleep--only delayed it--I still missed those hours and my mind and body still had to make that up, but I could do so and sleep peacefully without the strange and sick "crash" to get through (which often denied me the restful sleep I needed). I haven't had the stuff since that time, however, but for me, when I was 37-39, it worked as advertised.
  • Justjamie0418
    Justjamie0418 Posts: 1,065 Member
    I really like the blue rockstars.

    Or Monster Nitrous.

    I have only tried redline once and ZOMG. I should NOT have drank the whole bottle.

    5 hr energys don't really do it for me all that much. I will take them if I am making a long drive home, if I already drank my monster.
  • MinimalistShoeAddict
    MinimalistShoeAddict Posts: 1,946 Member
    I buy a generic version in bulk from Costco and use it as an alternative to diet soda. For me its a quick and easy energy boost when I need it.