1 year progress - 125 lbs lost.



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    WOWSER! Great job!!! you look AWESOME! Keep smiling!
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    OMG!!!!!! Way hot! Hope I can do this, I was right at 300 when I started this too and now at 285. I want it so much I don't think anything can stop me. Congrats to you!!! I bet life is completely different now for you and you feel great too! Great job!
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    Dude, that's awesome! Great job!
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    WHAT THE WHAT! Dude you look totally Amazing!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Wow You look totally great!!!!! Really Hot !!!! Congrats!:blushing:
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    WOW! You have done an amazing job! :flowerforyou:
  • You look awesome, like a totally different person! Congrats
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    WOW! You look like a totally different person! Congrats!
  • Lol? Is this for real? You look like a totally different person and much younger. Congrats!
  • AMAZING!!!!
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    Amazing you don't even look like the same person, great job
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    While you look great, what I notice the most is your SMILE!! :happy: :happy: You can tell just how much happier you are in your new skin! Awesome Job!! :drinker:
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    freakin awesome!
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    Wow! So proud of you! Lot's of hard work!
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    you look amazing, and now you have your whole life ahead of you to live to the fullest. What an inspiration :wink:
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    Congratulations on your total transformation. You look amazing and I'm now going to use you as my inspiration. I'm much older than you and I've never been a skinny person, but looking at what you've done gives me the confidence to be able to succeed in my transformation. If you don't mind, I would like to know what your exercise routine was at the beginning and how you've progressed to be able to get the body you have now. Thank you and again, congratulations on your success.
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    Don't think I've ever posted my progress pictures here. Hopefully I can motivate at least one or two people by posting them here (Plus, getting positive feedback is always good motivation to work harder).

    In July of 2011, I was almost 300 pounds (Around 295 pounds, I believe). Decided I was tired of being obese and made a change immediately. Started counting calories and hitting the gym. At first I ate 2,400 calories per day (And made sure to eat at least 150g+ of protein. I tapered down by 200 calories every so often, until I got down to 1,750.

    After one year, my ending weight was 169-172 (depending on water weight/fluctuation). I think I added a few pounds of muscle too, so if I hadn't been lifting weights, my ending weight would probably be lower. Ironically, at 5'11 and 172 pounds (What you see in the after pictures), I have a BMI of 24.0, which is 1 point away from being considered overweight. If that doesn't show you how inaccurate BMI is, I don't know what does.

    I feel a million times better after losing this weight. Pretty much every single aspect of my life has improved. Even my self esteem (Which has always been low) has gone up. There are some days where I don't feel great about how I look, but it's a massive improvement from before. It's tough to feel better about yourself overnight when you've been overweight your whole life. Sometimes I'll look in the mirror and feel unattractive and/or like I could be skinnier, but that's probably my brain adjusting to not being obese anymore.

    Starting Weight:295-300
    End Weight:169-172
    Height: 5'11
    Age: 23 (Only 23, believe it or not)

    So that's about it. Any questions, feel free to ask.








    You look SO good! *wolf whistle*
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    You need to tidy up your bathroom ; )
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    Great job! You look amazing and its so inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Will show my hubby! Anita
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    That is very very impressive!

    Such a transformation. You the man.

    Oh and that looking in the mirror and thinking you're still Fat? No, No, no, just no, you're not.