Im finally pregnant with PCOS!



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    you can also look up my pinterest page, i have a board on there dedicated to low amylose type recipes and foods, and Im always trying to update it. if you are interested feel free to follow the board
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    Yay! Happy News! Congrats!:bigsmile:
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    look for me on pinterest: shi riin sajj adi
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    Congrats! That is so exciting for you and your family! I am pregnant too with my first. I would have liked to have been at a lower weight before getting pregnant but now I am just focusing on being as healthy and stress free as I can for me and my baby. Feel free to add me as a friend if you want someone to talk to and swap pregnancy stories with!
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    I'M JUST SO HAPPY FOR YOU :) I CAN'T SAY CONGRATS ENOUGH!!!:heart::heart: :heart: :heart:
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    best of luck
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    So happy for you!!!!! :)
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    Congratulations!! I also have a similar story. My husband and I tried for about 2 1/2 years and finally starting getting fertility help from my ob/gyn. She put me on Metformin straight away and the side effects....and if you've ever taken it you KNOW what I mean....helped me lose like 60 pounds!!! I finally stopped the Met though, because the side effect never went away. 3 months after stopping it, I was pregnant!! Liya is a year old tomorrow :)

    We also prayed and prayed and prayed and I still believe she is our miracle baby. I was still VERY heavy when I got pregnant, and I had a relatively healthy pregnancy. God answers prayers :)

    So happy for your little miracle!!
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    It is great to hear all your great success stories as well, reading success stories like this while I was ttc, is what kept me motivated and hopeful! I hope you all reach what ever goal you are striving for!
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    Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy :)
  • This is so excited similar story for me but no PCOS just one huge cyst about a litter worth that resulted in a tube removal I was 326 pounds on clomiphene with no luck and 202 (thanks to hard work and tracking with mpf ) when I found out I was preggo it makes all the hard work with it so excited for you I had a December baby also :)
  • Congratulations!
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    Thank You! Thank you ladies, you are all too sweet. Pray for me to a have a healthy and strong pregnancy, delivery, and baby!
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    Congrats!!! I too just found out I was pregnant and I have PCOS plus this is my first! So I definetley know the joy that you are feeling. I am about 5 weeks (fetal age) I have a Dr. appt this Monday and I am praying that all is well.......:smile::happy:
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    I am so excited for you!! I have a similar success story and would love to be here to support you!!

    I was very young (19) when I got married. My husband and me tried for three years to get pregnant with no luck!! I was diagnosed with PCOS and after multiple tests I was told that I would be unable to concieve.

    My marriage broke up and I began to focus on myself even more and put myself first!!

    I was 298 pounds and over the next 2 years with calorie counting & Weight Watchers and exercise I got to 215.

    I had a full time foster son and I worked at the local gas station to put myself through college and start my career as a care aide in a local hospital.

    I did a plus size modelling shoot and was running 5-10km most days of the week--I'd lost 16 INCHES from my waist, was feeling so fit and healthy and had a beautiful curvy hour glass figure!! I was only 20 pounds away from my goal weight. . .

    and I began dating again and fell in love with an amazing man . . .

    and it was a HUGE surprise to find out after only 4 months with him that I was pregnant . . . and two weeks later we found out I was pregnant with TWINS!!

    I am so blessed after being told that I would never be able to get pregnant and it was with the man of my dreams : )

    In April 2012 I gave birth to Mackenzie and Isabella who are my entire world. I gained a lot of weight back during the pregnancy and after their birth with my PCOS, my inability to nurse and I suffered from postpartum depression. I came here to find motivation and support.

    My starting weight on MFP was 260... I`ve lost 41 POUNDS since the end of October 2012 and have 33 to go!!
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    bangemup---- Thats great, we will be delivering around the same time, god willing. I hope all goes well with you through out this exciting journey

    Twingirlsmomm--- what an amazing story! Thanks for sharing
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    Congrats looking up amylose now.
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    Congratulations!!! That's such wonderful news for you! *sticky baby dust*
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    Congratulations!!!!!! (I am a PCOS'r too, took 3 years to get preg with my first kid and 2 years for my second kid but they are here!)

    Wonderful news!
  • I have PCOS as well. However, I was not diagnosed until AFTER my pregnancy. I have always been bad at getting check ups for myself. However they said they were amazed that I became pregnant, I didn't know I had PCOS, AND my pregnancy was an accident >.< . So NEVER EVER loose hope if you have PCOS. When the time is right you will be pregnant! Just stay positive! If you stress out to much and worry about not becoming pregnant you will make your hormones go even more crazy and it will hinder your chances even more. Just stay calm and have lots of sex!! :laugh: :wink: