30 Day Shred Pics!



  • bunnymum150
    bunnymum150 Posts: 311
    well done, planning on starting tomorrow - may extend each stage but will see! good for you for taking pictures - something I am not sure I have the where with all to do!:heart::heart: :heart:
  • chicanita91
    chicanita91 Posts: 154 Member
    As I was looking at everyone else's 30 day shred pictures I was just thinking there was noooo way I could get that result too! thanks everyone :) for you're support
  • Lcam510
    Lcam510 Posts: 11 Member
    Great Job!! I'm on day 8 of level 1 right now and the before and after pictures are great motivation. Thanks for sharing!
  • lucey928
    lucey928 Posts: 17 Member
    that is AMAZING you are doing so great!
    I was given THE jilian michaels 90revolution I will start trying it!
  • knottyrye
    knottyrye Posts: 11 Member
    I posted a link to an album in the other 30 day shred results page but here i will post the photos individually. i think there is a huge difference! especially in my back. i lost 17 inches total in 30 days and lost 4 lbs. i gained a lot of muscle too! i never stick with exercise programs but i am sick of being like that and have decided enough is enough! i started doing 100 squats a day about 55 days ago too, and i have moved on to ripped in 30 (after doing a week or so of 6w6p waiting for my friends to finish 30 day shred)


  • chicanita91
    chicanita91 Posts: 154 Member
    Great job girl :) I think my back had a big difference too, such effective workouts they are
    ROCKNMIMI Posts: 36 Member
    Awww...this brought me to tears! I'm so happy for you! Any success is SUCCESS! I am not familiar with the 30 day shred & I've asked what it is in a forum before, but no one responded. Please tell me what it is please! Congrats on your small VICTORY! =)

    30 Day Shred is a interval workout by Jillian Michaels. There are 3 levels, each level being approximately 22 minutes. You do 10 days of each level. She uses the 3,2,1 system. Each Level consists of a warm up exercise, then you do a couple of minutes of upper body,lower body and abs then you cool down. Google the reviews. I havent managed to finish the entire 30 days yet but the results appear to be amazing.......HOPE THIS HELPS!
  • you are doing a good job, just keep up the good work :-)
  • I love the 30 day shred, great work!
  • knottyrye
    knottyrye Posts: 11 Member
    Well I finished the 30 day shred!! It was a lot easier than Insanity.. I really wish I would have taken before and after pictures for Insanity though! Anyways here are my results -- I didn't take any measurements but my starting weight was 171 and current weight is 165, I lost 6 pounds!




    Be kind,, this is the first time i've ever shared these type of pictures, but I am proud of the little difference I made within a month! :)

    And for record purposes this is the progress so far :


    wow awesome! good job :D i love seeing progress like this. i loved the 30DS i recommend it to everyone.
  • doing so great! i can see the difference!
  • snowmanluv
    snowmanluv Posts: 200 Member
    Awesome. That's inspiring. You look so much smaller in clothes. You can really tell in your back. Great results.
  • Phoenixsky13
    Phoenixsky13 Posts: 27 Member
    great job girl! You are coming along nicely!
  • svgarcia
    svgarcia Posts: 592 Member
    Great job!! Keep up the good work
  • gregpasq
    gregpasq Posts: 14
    Looks great. You can tell a difference, for sure.
  • madaboutblu
    madaboutblu Posts: 24 Member
    Hey 30 day shred is a workout dvd by jillian michaels - quite reasonably price - check amazon!
  • McWooey
    McWooey Posts: 61 Member
    you're doing great! well done. I listen to JM podcast and she said she was shocked people are still doing 30DS as its 6 years old - she advised people to update to Ripped in 30 which is newer version. I bought it recently and am starting it on sunday!!
  • LuvMyBoys2
    LuvMyBoys2 Posts: 69 Member
    it is a 20 minute workout by Jillian Michaels. I have the DVD ($5 on amazon) but I heard you can get the series free from youtube.
  • Amazing. You look great and good job!!!
  • chicanita91
    chicanita91 Posts: 154 Member
    Thanks everyone :p yeah i plan on getting ripped in 30 pretty soon and starting that along with jogging if the snow ever gets outta here lol
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