Hardest vice to give up/restrict



  • wizwitch
    wizwitch Posts: 82
    Mt. Dew!!!
  • ShaunMc1968
    ShaunMc1968 Posts: 204
    wine. red and white, i don't discriminate.

  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,520 Member
    I just make better choices day to day...I do not do anything with high fructose corn syrup or trans fats anymore...so I guess I gave those up, but no biggie. Otherwise, I just make better overall decisions but still enjoy pretty much everything I've always enjoyed.
  • silvergurl518
    silvergurl518 Posts: 4,124 Member
    diet coke. i'm down from daily DC to just on the weekend. i plan on cutting back even more....to every once in a while. splenda is hard too. i'm working on it. i will never give up chocolate though.
  • poedunk65
    poedunk65 Posts: 1,336 Member
    beer and meat
  • tequila09
    tequila09 Posts: 764 Member
    for me it's fast food!
  • sarahg148
    sarahg148 Posts: 702 Member
    I really didn't give up anything....HOWEVER...cannot have certain foods laying around the house. I tend to eat out of boredome at night undoing my work during the day. I have to get single portions of what I really want in order to not eat too much. Summer is coming and need to lose these last 15 lbs!!!!!!!
  • ChangingAmanda
    ChangingAmanda Posts: 486 Member
    The only thing I completely stopped consuming is soda. It wasn't too hard, just had to manage my craving the first couple weeks. Everything else I just consume in moderation.
  • BeachIron
    BeachIron Posts: 6,490 Member
    I have no vices. This is just for me and I'm certainly not pushing this on anyone else, but I don't consider pizza, hamburgers, milk shakes, and beer vices. I consider them things I have to consume in moderation.
  • barbaratrollman
    barbaratrollman Posts: 317 Member
    Crusty artisan breads! Fresh New York bagels! Anything made with those too. Good pizza.
    I just don't do well when I eat grain based carbs. It hasn't really been hard to avoid them, once I resolved to do so. It was just a matter of finding that resolve and then replacing those foods with ones that work better for me. :)
  • BigBrunette
    BigBrunette Posts: 1,543 Member
    I haven't given up anything, but I have restricted my Dr Pepper intake, which was substantial. *sigh*
  • LeilaFace
    LeilaFace Posts: 412 Member
    I didn't actually give anything up. I either ate it in smaller portions/ moderations or tried to find a healthier version... My husband made me a homebrew low calorie beer using Agave :)


    When I visit home (Hawaii) the gloves come off. I devour everything! Manapua, Malasadas, Kalua pig, Chicken Long Rice, Portuguese Sausage, Meat Jun, Taegu, Rainbow Shave Ice with Ice Cream, Mochi (all kinds but especially BUTTER), Papaya, Mango, Guava, Strawberry Guava, Coconut, Hinano Lager, Primo .... EVERYTHING.... I oddly enough lose weight when I go home.
  • Rgtjax85
    Rgtjax85 Posts: 99 Member
    My dad is an ice cream guy. For me it is Baked Goods: I love Apple fritters, muffins and pecan braids from Panera bread and other pastries. Also reducing my favorite food group of pizza has been tough.
  • toaster6
    toaster6 Posts: 703 Member
    Strangely enough, the things I crave that would be "diet" crushers are In n Out's animal fries and my dad's pizzas-- both of which I can't even be tempted by since I live in the South and both of those are back in California. Lucky me, I guess.
  • RllyGudTweetr
    RllyGudTweetr Posts: 2,019 Member
    Cashews, particularly honey-roasted. I could conceivably eat them in moderation, but I tend to think of them as "serving size: 1 can."
  • crazybookworm
    crazybookworm Posts: 779 Member
    The hardest for me was Pop-any kind! But I was able to completely give it up and haven't had it in almost 2 years. I don't even miss it now!
  • Booze. Man, I hate so much that I can't drink but I've proven over and over again that it stalls out my weight loss. I thought I could outsmart it, even developed a taste for scotch (no carbs!), but at the end of the day there is a direct correlation between me drinking and my weight loss coming to a screeching halt. And it sucks, but so it goes I guess. On the bright side, I'm way more productive now :laugh:
  • Cindy873
    Cindy873 Posts: 1,165
    Wine :frown:
  • NutellaAddict
    NutellaAddict Posts: 1,258 Member
    I have no vices. This is just for me and I'm certainly not pushing this on anyone else, but I don't consider pizza, hamburgers, milk shakes, and beer vices. I consider them things I have to consume in moderation.

  • katy_trail
    katy_trail Posts: 1,992 Member
    cheese? most of the time now it's not a big deal now, it used to be really difficult so i just avoided eating it for awhile.