Do you LOVE to do something, but you suck at it?



  • BondBomb
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    Surfing also. I think I have stood up twice for a total of 10 secs. I can barely paddle out. But I adore it.
  • 257_Lag
    257_Lag Posts: 1,249 Member
    Oh yes! Golf

    Took it up late in life, got down to a 16 and then up to a 24. It's a good part of my wanting to get in shape!
  • Tennolina
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    Sing constantly. Couldn't carry a note in a bucket.
  • JustAboutDelicious_wechanged
    I love to lie to pull off a good joke, but I freaking suck at being a liar. I need lessons.
  • ldrosophila
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    About the only thing I dont suck at is breathing
  • endlesswonderr
    endlesswonderr Posts: 91 Member
    dancing.. singing.. playing guitar.. drawing..
    everything I love to do, basically. :cry:
  • silversociety
    silversociety Posts: 222 Member
    I wish I was much much better at Foos Ball.
  • NavyKnightAh13
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    Hip Hop dancing. I admit it, I can't move my hips worth a darn. :grumble:
  • fitisdamotive
    fitisdamotive Posts: 90 Member
    Karaoke, so much fun, and as i have noticed i'm a bit better then some, that just goes to say how awful others are also. Cause im no marking
  • foodcallsme
    I wish I was better at sewing, applying eye shadow and singing. I'm also trying to write a book (I have half of it written)...I love to write but it doesn't come easy.
  • BigBrunette
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    Bowling. So much fun. So very bad at it.
  • lilRicki
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    I look like the retard that just stubbed her toe on the dance floor...

    But half of my cardio workouts are from dancing.

    I know you mean nothing by it, but I can't not say anything. Please don't use the r word. It is very derogatory and offensive.

    says who? your social norms? sorry my dear but it no longer means a person with a disability, get over yourself and your attempt at being "appropriate"
  • shutupandlift13
    shutupandlift13 Posts: 727 Member
    Running, pull ups...

    Basically everything I suck at I love to do because its challenging and I want to check it off as a thing that I've conquered.
  • Mochila09
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    I look like the retard that just stubbed her toe on the dance floor...

    But half of my cardio workouts are from dancing.

    I know you mean nothing by it, but I can't not say anything. Please don't use the r word. It is very derogatory and offensive.
    Wah freaking wah.

    No. It's a word that needs to be taken out of our lexicon. As a teacher, I have many special ed teacher friends who could tell you that many mildly impaired kids, who lack many of the tools to deal emotionally with name-calling, are really damaged by language like this. So become an adult and have some compassion.

    people always have something to cry about

    Yes, excuse me for having sense and compassion. Excuse me for sticking up for a group of amazing people who might not always be able to do so themselves. It is unfortunate that there are people like you out there that see it as no big deal. People out there that don't seem to give a damn about how you or your language might affect others. In the end, by using the word, you are the one that will be left looking like a fool. We all have a soapbox and I choose to stand on mine from time to time.

    :flowerforyou: :heart: :flowerforyou: from a mom with a special needs kid.


    I think the problem is that a lot of people who use the word "retard" simply haven't thought about what they're actually saying. So I applaud everyone who's pointing out why it's wrong to use this word in this way.

    Just to clarify in case anyone on this thread still doesn't get it.... It is NOT about the feelings of the person you're saying it to. It's about the fact that retard means mentally retarded, which is a kind of disability that many people are born with which impacts every aspect of their lives (though it's not known by the term "mentally retarded" any more, retard still means that), and using the word retard in an attempt to insult someone else, is far, far more offensive to the people with this kind of disability and their families and everyone who loves them, and anyone who cares about their welfare whether they know someone with this kind of disability or not, than it can ever be to the one you're calling that. Just think about what you're replying about people with mental/cognitive disabilities when you are using that word in that way....

    If you want to say someone is stupid, call them stupid. Stupid is not a disability. Stupid is what happens when you do something without thinking things through, and wind up with a result you totally didn't want. Like meaning to insult one person, but ending up insulting millions of people with disabilities in the process.

    Thanks!!!! From another mom of a kid with disabilities!
  • Clement1ne
    SINGING! Omg, soooooo singing.

    Great question!
  • MaraDiaz
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    Singing, dancing, and playing well with others.
  • in_this_generation
    in_this_generation Posts: 75 Member
    Roller skating and karaoke, not necessarily together.
  • krhn
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    The cliche about voices being bad that even mirrors/glass crack... That's me attempting to sing (in my own little world when doing so) then I cringe when I hear my own voice compared to the singers :sad:
  • DalekBrittany
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    Drawing! I love to draw, but I'm not great. I'm better than the average person but comparatively, I'm just awful lol
  • eikito
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    Playing video games, I love playing (or trying to) but I'm absolute rubbish!!!!!!!!! My son loves playing against me b/c he always wins no matter how bad he is :grumble: