why are girls competitive at the gym?



  • Hbazzell
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    Girls/Women are mean.
  • vikkistarr89
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    That's women, isn't it? It's not the gym, it's just women.

    Sounds like you are a connoisseur of the womenz too.

    Hahahaha, men do it too thanks!
  • vikkistarr89
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    Yeah, sorry, I fully admit, I am one of those women. I'm not skinny or prissy and i dislike the ones that turn up with straighten hair and makeup and walk on the treadmill and are scared to sweat their fake tans off. But if a girl is running next to me, I will not stop until after she has, and I will turn up the speed just a little bit more. I like the fact that i am obviously fitter than the tiny little girls, what can I say, healthy competition.
  • vikkistarr89
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    I think PEOPLE are competiive at the gym. The gym I go to, the men are so much more worried about what the other men in the gym are doing that you can actually see the wave of exercises pass through. One guy finally decides to use a barbell for something other than a bench press, and suddenly there's a line of people waiting to also test out their deadlifts (or squats, or whatever it might be).

    Hahaha, yes!!
  • becca2911
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    I'm only competitve with myself!!! Haha, if I do happen to be noticing other girls it'll be envy about how strong and smokin' they are :drinker:
  • Cr01502
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    I learned not to ask why when it comes to women.

    It just leads to more questions . . .
  • Flyer69
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    Check this out, made me laugh about what happens in a gym whenthe roles would be reversed

  • nexangelus
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    Um...I lift heavy and I have no one to compete with but myself. Literally. 99 % of the gym I now frequent is male. I could not even begin to compete with the men there. My PRs are some of their warm up weights. Apart from the really young and skinny ones of course ; )

    p.s. I forgot to answer the question. Women are competitive because they also have EGOS just like men. We are human after all ; )
  • FitnessCharl
    Sometimes I gorm out at the gym and because it's always busy, it must look like I am giving people daggers. But I dont give two hoots what the person next to me is doing, all that's going on in my head is "get in, get on, get out"
  • sarahmoo12
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    I do this if I go with a friend but not to any1 else lol
  • Judas_Queen
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    I wouldn't say I'm competitive but it's a great feeling when other women are impressed with my workouts! Some girls were *subtly* trying to whisper the other day about how heavy the weight i was squatting and I was like f**k yeah!!

    But.. my mother in law who i train with.. she is competitive. If i do something, she has to do it straight after to prove that she can... and she cannot fathom the idea of failure by herself. The other day she said "i think next time WE might fail on these squats"


    I said... "I wont be :)" and then got down real low on my next set JUST to prove a point..

    so yes.. in short.. i lied.. I am competitive :)

    Cardio on the other hand... nuh uh.. I will do as little as i have to to fill the rest of my time and I dont care how bad i am :)
  • Nightterror218
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    I am going to start telling random girls at the the gym "She going faster then you" "She did more weight"

    just to see what happens
  • knittingwitch
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    I so do and there are different reasons, the competitive one is if your next to me going faster I'm going to try and keep up, but that is also with guys to that's just my way of pushing my self.
    The other is some times I see people who have been working out longer and harder than me but they don't seem to be losing much or any weight at all, and I'm trying to figure out why. I know its none of my business and I remind my self that, but still I just gotta figure it out.
  • andyisandy
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    Sorry never noticed ...to busy checking out all the men yum
  • MissyBenj
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    Thats the nature of the beast. We're competitive people. I smile at other woman at the gym, they glare at me. I hate it but there's not a thing I can do about it. I guess I'll take it as flattery... maybe I motive them to work harder which makes me happy :)
  • MaryJane_8810002
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    I feel like the only girly girl but I only notice other girls at the gym just to see what they are wearing. And how long i would take me to fit into it...
  • ramalem
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    I have to admit, sometimes I stare without meaning to :)
  • Snowbunny95
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    I try to stay away from the gym. And not because of that. I'd rather be outside running in the rain/snow than stuck indoors at the gym. *blech* There are plenty of trails for running/cycling and only go to the gym for the pool the leave.
  • micheabr
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    Not really. I found myself competing with men, Especially the younger ones who kept looking at my treadmill screen.
  • kingkoopaluv
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    Im friends with a lot of the girls at my gym.